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Hi there! It´s me, Gato. Just in case you don´t know who the f*** "Gato" is. It´s the dude behind "C&G-STUDIO".....if you ever heard of this strange thing. Yeah and so this is my second account here. Why?

First off all this goes out to the mods of this HUB! If it´s considered wrong having a second account please just delete this account and it´s content. I´am totally ok with it and could understand!

Now whats the reason for this account?


There is a ton of content I have on my end and things I want to do which simply don´t fit the "C&G" style and what this studio is standing for. So this is a way for me to share my personal work with the community which has absolutely nothing to do with the studio (besides of the name in the .var files I don´t want to change every time 😅)


In the last few months I noticed a rapidly increasing numbers of paid content and patreon sites showing up. I checked out many sites and was somehow an "undercover" patreon. What I saw made me literally SICK! Is THIS where we´re heading to? People are selling literally everything and LOW EFFORT scenes for money and the worst thing about is that they actually HAVE patreons believing this is good content. It´s not like I am talking about way to high standarts, no! I am a simple man. If I see a creator claiming he´s spending 30+ hours on one single animation and what I see is some jiggeling low effort BS this makes me cry. If I see a creator developing a "masterpiece" of a model, I download this model and see nothing than an ugly person without hairs, bad textures with visible seams, no clothing, no lighting & no environment I want to vomit.

This is damaging VaMs reputation and the reputation of every serious content creator spending 30 hours not only for the wank while creating stuff but actually for doing what they´re claiming to do.


This is why I decided to create a second account and release whatever comes in my mind for free here. It starts off with a foot fetish of course :p Call me VaMs "quentin", I don´t mind.....but hopefully you like it!

4.) Don´t be scammed by those low effort paid scenes /looks mate! Everyone can learn how to use VaM pretty simple. You can create a basic sex scenes like it´s selled here on various paid scenes within 30 min without problems! You can check out some basic tutorials here on the HUB, Youtube or join the C&G server where I am explaining a lot of stuff in a live stream (link to the discord can be found on the C&G release posts).

Of course everything I come up with this account is free and will be free forever. This is just me, my pervy mind and a lot of upcoming "stuff" I am playing around besides of the studio. Nothing too fancy or special. Just a bunch of scenes. But you know what...still better than this payed crap!



-> MacGruber "LogicBricks"
-> AcidBubbles "Timeline" + "Glance"
-> everlaster "TittyMagic"
-> hazmhox "fluids 101"
-> hazmhox "VaMmoan"
-> AdamAnt "RT LipSync"


-> Hunting-Succubus "Enhanced Eyes.2"
-> Cloudcover "shirts.set"
-> OptiMist "SimplePants"
-> Molmark "DripDropFeet LITE"
-> JaxZoa "Effects"


-> Oronan "Ponytail B1" + "F17"


-> Chrizzy "Yennifer, 26"


Background Music: Poolz - You´re with Me
Female: voice rip/remix
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Latest reviews

Thanks for creating state of the art, high quality vam content with a great set of features and usability to establish a nice standard. Great Work.
Thank you for appreciating it that much! Will come up with more. Might be more simple than this but overall I hope it´s still something to enjoy for everyone. Somehow I hope to see more known creators around sharing some more free content in total to reduce the amount of low quality paid content around.
This is an awesome scene but man it’s hard to get good frame rates on it. If a passenger button or a embody button would work well with the scene it would be much appreciated.
Hey! Yes ok, will think about adding passenger and reuploading it. If not, try to reduce your render scale or simply turn those soft body physics off using the implemented buttons. Might help =D
Top stuff mate! Keep it coming.
Will do will do mate =D Takes some time digging up those scene and "refining" it for public release anyway.
Simply amazing. Love your work
Thanks! Pretty easy made though. Just simple animations using timeline paired with some button functionality and things. Only thing really took some time was the audio rip-off and remix. Somehow not a "standart" scene and maybe worth 6 hours of work in summary.
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