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FitnessStar Camisole

Clothing FitnessStar Camisole 1

Original mesh from HS, heavily edited by me 3 years ago. Spent a lot of hours to figure out how to best convert to VAM. Import result is decent this time after failed many times before.

What's Included:
  • 3 styles of Camisole X(Shown in promo), Regular, Strapless.
  • 18 presets including many patterns (Click on left panel shortcuts if not showing up)
  • 2 extra FitnessStar Camisole Waist morph (Morph/UpperBody/SupaRioAmateur)
  • Futa version in male cloth section (Not as good as female version)

  • Supa for his work on HS
  • Rio for modeling
  • Internet thots for wearing the pokemon shirts

Previous FitnessStar Cloth can be found:
FitnessStar Leggings
FitnessStar Tanktop

Note: Must set Wrap To Smoothed Vertices for the waist morph not poking through cloth
First release
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