(Extended) VR Controllers

Plugins (Extended) VR Controllers 3

Third version released!

What's new:

- To avoid the inconvenience of moving objects unintentionally you have to map them first.
- New Remote possession mode.
- New Auto-toggle Edit / Play mode.

If you don't tweak anything you still have v1.0 . But here's the new stuff

  • Updated the buttons to activate / deactivate the plugin. Use Trigger + Grab from any hand.
  • Possibility to choose between relative and local coordinates.
  • Customize stick movement and rotation speeds.
  • Control a different object with each stick.
  • Map an object to the left or right controller, then switch between movement and rotation by pressing the Grab button.
  • Disable person 'root' movement is a safety box to prevent inadvertently moving a person and ruining the scene.


PS: The plugin is quite complete, but if you are interested in moving / rotating the mapped joints / objects by tracking your hands instead of moving the sticks, there is an upgrade in here.
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