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This plugin enable movement and rotation of objects using thumbstick VR axis control and also by tracking the movement of your hands.


It is activated and deactivated by pressing the Trigger and the Grip from either the left or right hand. Keep pressing the Trigger button down, then press the Grip button, and finally release both.

While active it can move a different object with each stick. When deactivated, the sticks return to their default behavior.


Six degrees of freedom

The plugin offers six degrees of freedom (6DOF) always relative to your "eyes", and are divided in two motional classes as described below

Translational envelopes

(Sway)Moving left and rightLeft/Right stick Horizontal
(Heave)Moving up and downLeft/Right Stick Vertical
(Surge)Moving forward and backwardLeft/Right Trigger + Left/Right Stick Vertical

Rotational envelopes

(Yaw)Turning left and rightLeft/Right Stick Horizontal
(Pitch)Tilting forward and backwardLeft/Right Stick Vertical
(Roll)Tilting side to sideLeft/Right Trigger + Left/Right Stick Horizontal

To understand more easily how rotation works, select an actor's head facing toward you, the person will perform the following gestures
  • Yaw: Shaking "no"
  • Pitch: Nodding "yes"
  • Roll: Bobbling from side to side

Moving two objects at the same time

You can control a different object with each stick, to achieve this select an object using the UI bottom controls or just point and select any object/joint in your scene and press the Map to Left controller or Map to Right controller button.
Point and select Clear to stop controlling that item.

Motion modes

Use the Grip button to toggle between moving, rotating and possessing (see below). You can also press the GUI gray buttons displaying the current motion mode to perform the same action.

Remote Possession

Remote Possession allows you to control the movement and rotation of a mapped object by reading the position of your hands intead of the sticks. When you are in Possess mode, while you press the trigger button the mapped target will copy your hand movements.


Use the sliders to customize the movement and rotation speed of the sticks, as well as to use local instead of relative coordinates.
Auto-toggle Edit / Play mode will automatically switch to Edit mode when you show the VAM menu and go back to Play mode when you hide it.
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