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What is this plugin?
This plug-in generates sexual reactions by touching or stimulating the PERSON.​
In the free version, the person blushes or tears eyes in response to the stimulation.​
In the full version, continued stimulation will cause the person to climax and shake or turn their head in pleasure.​
Sub-features allow you to do things like undress the person in multiple ways, or summon hands, tongues, or tentacles.​
It will be faster to understand if you watch the video.​
  • Here is a demo of blushing, head movement, genital erection, climax, and tongue summoning.
  • This is a demo that uses multiple functions together. It's a bit perverted, so only those who want to see it should watch it.
    Long Demo
  • Store the .var file in the AddonPackages folder. If you were using an older version, delete the old .var file.
  • Open the Plug-in tab of the target Person and apply ADD_ME.cslist.

Main Feature Part1
Touching the breasts, lower body, etc. will increase the Ecstasy gauge, and the PERSON will be stimulated and return a sexual response.​
All of these functions can be controlled on and off from the CustomUI and the on-screen UI.​
The "PC" mark at the beginning of the line indicates that these features are only available in the Full version.​
(Sorry, The full version is exclusive content for Patreon Supporters).​
  1. Facial expression: The facial expression changes according to the stimulus.
    If the expression changes too much, you can adjust the strength of the expression with the Expression Strength parameter.
  2. Blush: Blushes in response to stimuli. There are five different blush patterns that can be selected in the CustomUI.
  3. Tears and drooling: Tears and drooling are produced in response to stimuli.
  4. Head movement: PERSON will turn his head up and away from you in response to the stimulus, and the movement will become more intense as your Ecstasy gauge and climax count increase. The more the Ecstasy gauge and the number of climaxes, the more intense the movements will be. ( See the demo at the beginning. )
  5. Voice: You can also add your own voice as described below.
  6. (PC) Climax: When the Ecstasy Gauge is at its maximum, the person will reach climax. During climax, the abdomen will tremble and the head movements and voice will become more intense. ( See the demo at the beginning. )
  7. Genital Erection: The nipples and clitoris will enlarge in response to stimulation. ( See the demo at the beginning. )
  8. Squirting: PERSON may squirt when climaxing.
  9. Changing settings: Most of the main and auxiliary functions can be changed. Most of the main and auxiliary functions are configurable, either through the CustomUI in Plugins or the on-screen UI. To save the configuration, execute "Save Configuration" or "Plugins Presets" in the CustomUI.
    On Screen UI Demo1, On Screen UI Demo2, On Screen UI Demo3
Main Feature Part2
Functions include undressing, restraining limbs, summoning tongue and hands, etc.​
  1. Clothing Manipulation: You can make the PERSON take off her clothes or bare her chest.
     1) Remove Clothes: Simply removes all clothes. There is no animation.
     2) Undress Clothes series: You can use physics to remove clothes that have Cloth Simulation enabled.
     3) Special Operation 1: You can pull Clothes Simulation enabled clothes and make them bare their chest.
     4) Special Operation 1: Cloth Simulation can rip off the active clothes and make them come off.
     5) Special Action 1: You can roll up the skirt of a dress with Cloth Simulation enabled.
     6) Reset: Pressing the Reset button to the left of Undress Clothes will restore the clothes to their original state.
  2. (PC) Bind Limbs: You can bind the limbs of a PERSON.
  3. (PC) Summoning: You can summon tongues, hands, and tentacles to sexually stimulate your PERSON.
Sub Feature
  1. UI operation: There are two types of UI: CustomUI and the UI on the right side of the screen.
    You can use the Custom UI to make minor changes, and the UI on the right side of the screen to make immediate changes.
    Click on the orange area to open and close the menu.
    Click on the blue area on the upper left to open or close the entire menu.
  2. Save settings: This plugin saves settings to the following files and saves them. The exported settings will remain valid even if the Scene changes.
  3. Initialize Settings: Click "Load Default" in CustomUI to restore the settings to the default state.
  4. (PC) Backup and Restore Poses: "Backup Pose" and "Reset" in the UI on the right side of the screen are a simple way to get a snapshot of the pose.
    Backup Pose saves the pose, and Reset restores the saved pose.
  5. AutoStop other conflicting plugins: Due to its specification, this plugin conflicts with other plugins that control the head or output sound.
    This function is activated when the Ecstasy gauge reaches a certain level (the second level).
    When the Ecstasy gauge goes down, the other plugins will automatically resume their activities.
    The plugin to be automatically stopped can be configured in CustomUI (to be released in version 1.81)
  6. Hints: Supplementary explanations are provided for some confusing functions. Click the yellow button to see the hints.
  7. Session Plugin: I included the Session Plugin as a trial version.
    The Session Plugin will automatically load ExpressionBlushingAndTears (EBAT) to a female person when there is only one female person in the scene.
    If you want to use it, register the following cslist as Session Plugin: ADD_ME_FOR_SESSION_PLUGIN.cslist
Detailed supplementary information
The following are minor supplements that were not mentioned above.​

- Voice(Sound):
- You can add your own audio.
The procedure for adding audio is as follows:​
1) Add any directory to Custom\Sounds\ExpressionBlushingAndTears​
2) Create the following three directories under the directory: breath, moan, climax​
3) Place at least one .wav file in each of the three directories.​
This will add a Sound Type that can be selected in the CustomUI.​
- If you want to apply the sound to each person...
If you want to apply the sound to an individual person, select the type from the Sound Type (Personal) in the CustomUI, and save the scene in that state.​
The sound type will be stored in the Scene data.​
(You can also change the type of sound by changing the Sound Type (Default), but this setting applies to all PERSONs.)​
- The pitch of the sound can be changed.
You can change the pitch of the voice. The range of change is small, but you can change the height of the voice to some extent.​
- Blush and Tears:
The blush type can be changed from Blush Type in CustomUI. The color of tears can be changed from Tears Type.​
- Ecstasy Scale:
If you feel that the Ecstasy Gauge is fluctuating too fast or too slow, try changing the Ecstasy Scale in the Custom UI.​
You can change the magnification to slow down or speed up the fluctuation.​
- Delayed Synchronous Interval:
Hands, tongues, and tentacles will follow the motion of the PERSON with a slight delay.​
If you want to slow down or reduce this time to zero, try changing Delayed Synchronous Interval in CustomUI.​
- Enable/Disable Auto-Stop Plugin:
Auto-Stop Plugin can be changed from AutoStop Switching/AutoStop Editing function (Ver.1.81).​
To add a new plugin to the stop list, open AutoStop Editing with the plugin loaded.​
You can add or remove a stop target in AutoStop Editing.​
If you want to temporarily remove a plugin from the stop list, use the AutoStop Switching function.​

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I hope this Plugin will make it easier for everyone to get the most out of VaM.
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Thanks for the review!
It makes me very happy to hear the words "Worth paying for."
I'll keep working on it!
Great job! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the review! Also, sorry for taking so long to reply.
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Thanks for the review! Also, sorry for taking so long to reply.
Very light and easy plugin that have all you need to add intense reactions to your scene, with a nice set of options to configure and customize it to your likes. Easy logic -> Great Results! I love this.

I really look forward to see how this can evolve.

Great work man!
Thanks for the review! And sorry for taking so long to reply.
I'm not a native speaker of English, so I can't reply without using a translation tool, and I have a very bad habit of forgetting to reply later when I'm at work. I'm sorry.

Thank you for the nice review. Yes, I started to make this Plugin because I was shocked to see the lackadaisical reactions that VaM's very elaborate MODELS get.
When I'm busy with my work, updates will be slow, but I'll continue to improve this plugin until VaM 2.x is released.
t's a very nice plugin, especially with orgasm, which doesn't usually destroy the poses managed by other plugins or animation sequences.
Thank you for the review. I also read your other comments. In the future, I'll consider to be able to divide the config file.
its a nice touch of life to an otherwise static game.
i look forward to further refinements.
Thanks for the review, VirtaCreate.
Yes, it's still a rough build and I'm going to refine this one.
Transitions aren't great and it remove face decals, which is annoying if you put makeup on your characters. The tears are also too white. Drool is nice but need more of this type.
Thanks for the review, Dubidubi.
Regarding the blush effect being achieved by the Decal changes, I have tried the method of equipping blushes as clothing, but I'm still experimenting with that method as it had its drawbacks as well.
For the color of the tears, I'll try to come up with a more transparent option.
Also, what exactly do you mean by "Transition isn't great"?
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