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[Experimental] CUA/XPS Controllers

Plugins [Experimental] CUA/XPS Controllers 10

  • Fixed a few bugs with rigging a new CUA
* Fix for controller orientation when loading saved scene
  • Added back XPS support removed in previous version. Should support saving/loading just like CUAs
Prior release had a bug that prevented loading links between CUA controllers and other atoms.
Separated out the creation of the Controller atom and controllers such that they are initialized earlier in the scene load and are independent of the CUA actually loading.

The end effect is that parenting between CUAs and other objects should work now. The link direction and subscene boundaries should not matter.

The mechanisms that allow this to work are really sketch. A lot of ways this can go wrong. I'll add more details in the thread.

🙏Please post bugs as you find them🙏
  • Fixed issue where the plugin would not process past bones where the name contained 'head'.
  • Fixed an issue with the previous update that disabled all colliders on the CUA. Thanks to @Shioro for flagging!
  • Should hopefully work with subscenes.
  • Added saving and loading of presets for CUA 'poses'
  • Moving the CUA object now also moves the controllers.
  • Will now save and restore the CUA Controller atom on scene save/load
    • Should work with Timeline and other plugins
  • Added some controls for physics settings.
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