Elysium Vikslander - The Womb Raider

Paid Looks Elysium Vikslander - The Womb Raider 2022-11-27

Proof that it's not just beautiful blondes that come from Sweden, this incredible woman is now available for you to raid her womb and make her call you Uncle. Clothes not included!

Included is her civilian look:


And also her raider look in both clean and battleworn versions (I'm sorry, I'm too much of a noob to do it all in one scene so I have one scene for civilian and one scene for raider):


Simply remove the decal textures if you want her clean and healed.


Above shots taken in game, below shots taken after a bit of work...



Now... bear with me, I have a pitch for a movie I'd like you to star in. You are a world-renowned archaeologist, known for swashbuckling adventures through the hidden treasures of cultures all over the world. Your step-daughter, Lana, has always idolised you and now that she's old enough, she's started having all kinds of adventures by herself.

This time, you've teamed up to find the high temple of Phyria, Goddess of the long-dead Urukrana civilisation, said to be the inspiration behind the Atlantis myth. After your hired-crew turn on you shortly before you arrive on the tropical island indicated on your maps, you and Lana fight off a dozen men and blow up their ship, diving into the freezing water and making your way towards the dark shadow of land in the distance. You are so close, but a huge wave tumbles you over and you bump your head...

All is black until light slowly creeps its way back into your awareness. You open your eyes and see...


You survived!
[several scene breaks later]

Time is running out! You've solved the ancient riddles, disarmed all the ancient booby-traps, and completed the five tasks of Phyria... well you've completed four. The final task requires the vigorous deflowering of a virgin on the altar or not only will you not be granted access to the treasure, but a deadly plague will be unleashed upon mankind. The only problem is that it's only you and Lana here...

Lucky she's always been too busy adventuring to make time for relationships, despite being one of the hottest women on the planet... and she's only your STEP-daughter...


Civilian Hair: Roac Winter Long with color and length tweaks by me https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/winter-long.19757/
Womb Raider Hair: Roac Winter Ponytail 2 with color tweaks by me https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/winter-ponytails.16979/
Womb Raider Costume: Made up of clothes by Meshed VR and included with VAM. Extra Presets by WrongTamago and color tweaks by me https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/wardrobe-clothing-textures-and-presets.4234/ (not included)
Eyes: Enhanced eyes Realistic by Hunting Succubus https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/enhanced-eyes.798/overview-panel

Texture by me (body text built off base female)

Thanks to ReignMocap for the Amazing Belly Dance used in the photoshoot https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/amazing-belly-dance-motion-capture.6544/

Bonus, some posters I made from an earlier version of the look:



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