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Looks Elizabeth Griffen 2021-04-11

Originally meant to be paired with her friend and fellow survivor Lindy Rayes (can be found here https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/lindy-rayes.5469/), this is a rework of a previous model i did a ways back. The two models ended up being very far apart in progress so i just did them separately instead of holding off on the finished one. The Var includes the hair preset, appearance preset and decal preset as well as the scene with the look.

Skin is the Candy in game from Ren
Hair is Nostage3's Long Side 7 with Roac Modular
Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus
Face Decals by Kemenate
Makeup Decal by Alter3go
Decal Maker by Chokaphi
Lashes by Wolmarc
Eye texture from MaPratt1771 in official Discord channel
Pubes by Scamp
Morphs used: Reloaded Lite , Tenstrip Morphs, Dilldoe Morphs, Jackaroo Modular Expressions, Particle Pinnacle Mons Morphs, Kemenate Morphs, Tiseb Foot Morphs, SupaRioAmateur Breast Morphs.

Screens taken using a smattering of MacGruber Post Magic Anti Aliasing and LUT.
Bottom Screen uses Damarmau's Forest Environment and Matt's Storm CUA.

If you find that something isnt working or isnt loading please let me know

as always , enjoy
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one of the best artists out there. His work keeps getting better and better. I hope one day he does the cast of The Magicians.
I actually have 2 older models of 2 magicians but they need rework before I can really share.
looks just like her
Great Work Thanks
always the best
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