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Just a simple asset I was using to learn a bit more about how Unity materials work and the best way to import into VaM. Might as well share it :p

Available in three colours. Green, orange and white.

In Edit Mode go to Scene Add Atom, select Misc and then CustomUnityAsset.

Check the box for Select Atom On Add and then hit Add Atom

Click Select File..., then type "moyashi" in the sidebar search input, choose the DOAX_Volleyball package, then the doax_volleyball.assetbundle in the next screen. Select the asset from the dropdown menu.

To enable physics, go to Physics Object. Check the box for Physics. Then go to Control and set Position and Rotation to Off. Just make sure you have a floor or some terrain for it to fall on first. Have fun!

Screenshot at 2023-08-31 18-13-36.png
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This is a very cool addition. It might help to leave a note in your instructions to have a floor there before you turn off position and rotation otherwise the ball falls to oblivion, but otherwise a great and useful asset!
Will add a little note about that :)
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