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  1. Diction Remake

    This is a remake of Diction. We will probably start releasing these once a month to bring all of...

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Great one!
Fuckin wow!
Excellent work!
I LOVE this!
Great Scene!
Whoa, very cool.
Still a great scene, however i dislike how you handled the cloth triggers witht his one. Using Clothing Presets means, that modifying the outfit is way more work. However it can be essential to get decent frame rates. For example, i absolutely have to remove at least one sim item to get decent framerates.
The answer to this is to just change the clothing presets the triggers refer to in the Scene Animation menu. If you have your own clothing presets, its even easier to replace them in this way. The benefit to using clothing presets instead of just triggering the undress function is that if you change the clothes at the beginning of the scene, the "undress" trigger no longer functions. Clothing presets have dropped my editing time on these scenes by an hour or more, but if you just learn how I use them in the scene I think you'll find it's actually way easier than how I used to do it. In the old way, you would have to change the clothes, then create multiple triggers for each piece of clothing to both reset and disable the undress function, then also create an undress trigger for each piece of clothing to come off.

Also, using clothing presets allows you to make changes to the entire outfit with one trigger rather than needing a trigger for each piece of clothing. It's a very convenient feature in VaM.
Excellent! Love the update!
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