Plugins DecalSystem(Free) 1.1

This is a dynamic decal plugin for players and creators. Use to project your favorite images and effects on almost any object in the game (Just like a light). No external editing is required.
Dressing up your scene has never been so easier.

Current Feature :

Desktop / VR Support
PBR Support (Mesh Decal)x
GIF Supportx
Network and absolute path image support
Mesh Decal*x
Note :
MeshDecal, Another way of decal is provided, which reproduces a new mesh directly on the surface of the object. So once the decal is generated, it will no longer affect other objects.
It makes up for some shortcomings of Dynamic Decal.

Demo Video :

For PaidVersion Many other features are planned (such as Slide Play and your ideas). and PBR shader Completely rewritten, which is highly extensible in the later stage .


- MacGrubber - thanks for making MacGrubber_Utils.cs, very useful script
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Latest updates

  1. BugFix and New Feature

    Fix : Fixed the problem that the color of the picture was inconsistent with the original picture...
  2. bug fix

    bug fix: 1. the Gizmos display of subscene is fixed. 2. Fix the problem that when more Decal...
  3. 1.Add a demo scene 2.small bug Fix.

    1. Add a demoScene. 2. Fixed a bug: after adding decal, and then adding people, the Tpose Mesh...

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