Dynamic Projector(PlayerEdition) (动态投影器)

Plugins Dynamic Projector(PlayerEdition) (动态投影器) 4.4

Displays information about the currently played picture or video.
Added: Support for animation and ordinary pictures starting with https.

As shown above, if you need to use a picture, please fill in the link directly here and press Enter. You don't need to click the button above.

Added: Support for multiple video playback modes.

Add: Frame by frame rendering supports video loop playback.
Fix: When selected, the position of the atom controller will also be projected.

Fix: When projecting to a person in VR mode, the VR model hand will swell into a ball when it enters the projection area.

1. Customize the aspect ratio.
2. Convenient custom cutting.
3. The minimum value of size is adjusted.
1. Pictures and picture folders in “.var” are supported.
This will greatly simplify the process of using plug-ins.
2. Video playback supports more formats :
.asf, .avi, .dv, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .ogv, .vp8, .webm, .wmv

1. Greatly expand the application range. Support projection to all scene objects except clothes of characters.
2. There will be no conflict between different versions of plug-ins. This will fix the problem of plug-in failure in many cases.
3. Support projection self-illumination,Making dynamic lighting effects becomes very simple!
4. Mixed mode of multiplication, mask support.
5. Known bug fixes.
New Feature :
1. Gif is now supported!

2. Native language localization support (English and Chinese are currently supported).
Automatically set up according to the language of the computer system.

Key repair :
Perfect fix for plug-ins that project multiple images at the same time when the model has a shared UV.
Fix :
Fixed the problem that the color of the picture was inconsistent with the original picture due to the wrong color space setting of the picture.

Fixed the problem of abnormal image display caused by image compression settings.

Support Mask Texture.
bug fix:

1. the Gizmos display of subscene is fixed.

2. Fix the problem that when more Decal are added to the same scene, the loading scene can't load pictures normally. (modified the loading timing).

3. The drawing method of Gizmos is optimized.
1. Add a demoScene.
2. Fixed a bug: after adding decal, and then adding people, the Tpose Mesh of characters will appear.
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