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Dave Monstacoque, 38, from New Orleans. Dave grew up in a poor home with a working single mother and he became involved with gangs at an early age. Dave did not even finish high school.

In his 20's, Dave was involved in the drugs business. He sold drugs to rich upper class kids, was involved in gang wars and had constant trouble with the law. During a deal gone bad, Dave was shot by a rival gang and received three bullet wounds. He was lucky to escape with his huge cock intact. He had a lucky escape.

A year after that incident, Dave's luck ran out. Since he was a rising star in his gang, the police closed in and put him under surveillance. One evening, in a cheap motel room, Dave was having loud sex with one of his rich customers, when the SWAT team stormed in. The girl was still riding Dave's enormous cock as the cops had to separate them and carry him out. Dave was sentenced for multiple crimes and served ten years in Louisiana State Penitentiary.

In prison, Dave finished his education, got a college degree with flying colours, a business degree and studied plumbing. On his release, Dave founded his business "Pipe Cleanser Dave". Dave now spends his days, and makes a good living, going around town helping middle class housewives clean their pipes. He is more than well-equipped for the job.

Dave is straight and single. He listens to Soul. In his free time, he likes to practice boxing and spends a lot of time at the gym where he also supports youth trying to get out of gangs. Dave meets a lot of women and, due to his talents, has a lot of sex, but also likes to masturbate his huge cock, and enjoy enormous orgasms by himself.


Dave visits a lot of lonely housewives to help clean their pipes!

Thanks to Jackaroo for genital normals, Kemenate for body hair, beard and morphs, Spacedog for WetBits, HuntingSuccubus for eyeball shadows and AcidBubbles for SpawnPoint.

Place in your AddonPackages and load Dave_Monstacoque in VAM. From there, copy the look to use in your own scenes!


The gym is VamTastic's DOA5 Gym

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Dave is in great shape to satisfy your needs!


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