• Hi Guest!

    This is a notice regarding recent upgrades to the Hub. Over the last month, we have added several new features to improve your experience.
    You can check out the details in our official announcement!
  • Updated the loading process to do 36000 tries before failing. It will reduce potential problems when using the plugin with slower computers or very wild/big scenes. Thanks @ispinox !

  • Added material options allowing you to make unlit shadows or lit unicolor characters.
  • Fixed a couple of variables who weren't saved properly.
  • Added random offset X+Z.
  • Pushed the random rotation max value to 180.
  • Fixed random rotation not working in circular crowds.
  • Upgrade UI with toggles to hide each section.
  • Updated the help box.
  • Fixed a couple of silent errors.
  • Updated naked Ella with a better haircut. (even tho naked character are never gonna be as good as VaM characters).

SEED UPDATE : The seed is now always set by the plugin. Which means, you will never have a purely random generation everytime you reload the plugin, you will now have to play with the seed values to randomize your crowd. The idea behind that is that... you will never need a crowd that is completely randomized everytime you load your scene. This way it is easier for you to control the final result in your scene. Thank you @Acid Bubbles ;)
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