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One fitted shirt, with variants for character to wear in six ways:
1 - Buttoned up, tucked in
2 - Buttoned up, untucked
3 - Quite unbuttoned
4 - Very unbuttoned
5 - Completely unbuttoned (only works if sim enabled, but is quite demanding physics-wise)
6 - Completely unbuttoned, tucked in at waist (Sim off by default, turn on sim if using a large breast morph)

Check out my Patreon for Blender and obj files of all my clothes.

Includes multiple fabric presets, the same selection of presets are available across all six shirt versions. (see gif at bottom for all of the non-default presets)


Two ties: Tie 1 fits shirts 1 and 2 without clipping, Tie 2 lies closer to the chest and fits shirts 4, 5 and nude characters. There are flat colour and stripped texture presets.

Some preview images use the Cloudcover Bust Morph 01, available as a separate package.

Preview images use the excellent Hunting-Succubus Enhanced Eyes.

The presets (champagne gold added after initial release):
Shirt types.gif

Nial has made this looser fitting variation you should check out. You can support my Patreon to access the source meshes and make your own tweaked versions.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3 - New pose and new champagne gold texture

    Addition of a sixth pose type, unbuttoned but still tucked in at the waist. designed to show off...
  2. 1.2 - Sim and Presets fix

    Updated both to improve sim behaviour and tidy up the file structure a little. Default sim...

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I often use this but never went back to rate it! This is an extremely useful clothing assets, and it fits very well! Thank you!
A very fine addition to the collection.
Exactly what need, thanks.
well done
Great Work. Especially the different Versions
Top clothes) Thanks) Oh, if it would have more longer variant
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