1. PUTZ

    Clothing DL | Japanese Crop Top // HD Styles & Alpha Lace 2

    Japanese Crop Top Substance HD Styles [ VAM/AddonPackages ] by A perfect top for your Great Top for a Sexy Waifu to SMuSh HeR BOoBs into. MEGA DL or Click the VAM Hub Link Above Instructions: Load...
  2. TheScenes

    Looks Classic Girl 1.0

    Classic Girl Hey there! here is the "Classic Girl" free look while we wait for the upcoming scene, Enjoy!!💎
  3. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Red Plaid Shirts v1

    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of content, I've been way too busy these few days. Anyways, check out these plaid shirts I've made in my spare time. Hope you like them, please feel free to leave feedback on them anytime! Shirts are not simulated.
  4. PUTZ

    Clothing Free Dl "Bestfriend's Shirt" 10+ HD Styles so Sexy that she couldnt give it back to her friend ;-) 1

    Bestfriend Shirt [ VAM/AddonPackages/HERE ] by 5 Star Review “The hottest shirt EVER! … but how do I keep my Ti#s inside the shirt?” 10+ HD Styles. FREE post with DL [ ] or MEGA Link below or above. Here is Mega DL for this Clothing...
  5. vs1

    Clothing vs1 C002 Low Poly TShirt 2021-04-03-01

    I made Low Poly TShirt for Virt-a-Mate. Vertex count is only 3116. Base color is white. You can custom color you like. ------------- Other assets seen in image not included with this download: - vs1 Miyu [by vs1] - - vs1 Charlotte [by vs1] -...
  6. M

    Paid Clothing Long Sleeve Shirt 2021-04-02

  7. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing Shirt A V1

    Shirt A - 2 Colors This shirt brings a special presset. There is a presset for, normal and a large one Chest with. And then there's Sexy ;-) Look by Vecterror Supermodel from England
  8. SkullDrill

    Looks Ellie Model (TLOU2) 0.99.99

    Yo SantaBarbara Ellie is Badass New Hair, New Look TRIGGER ALARM!!!! If you didn´t cry at the end you´re inhuman Next week i´ll be posting my Abby Model, so stay tuned :)
  9. Cloudcover

    Clothing Cloudcover's Shirt 1 1.3

    One fitted shirt, with variants for character to wear in six ways: 1 - Buttoned up, tucked in 2 - Buttoned up, untucked 3 - Quite unbuttoned 4 - Very unbuttoned 5 - Completely unbuttoned (only works if sim enabled, but is quite demanding physics-wise) 6 - Completely unbuttoned, tucked in at...
  10. Captain Varghoss

    Clothing T-ShirtV2 Sleeveless Addon 1

    New alphas and presets for T-ShirtV2 by YameteOuji. Includes sleeveless preset versions of all original color presets. This package does not include the clothing, you must install that also. If you are having trouble finding the presets make sure to choose "All Flattened" on the far left of the...
  11. Z

    Clothing Gwen's Shirt/Skirt 1

    Shirt and skirt worn by Gwen on Total Drama Island
  12. Z

    Clothing Lori Loud's clothes 1

    Shirt and pants worn by Lori Loud from "The Loud House"
  13. Z

    Clothing Luna Loud's Shirt/Skirt 1

    Contains the Shirt and Skirt worn by Luna Loud from "the Loud House" Boots will be added once i figure out how to make boots.
  14. YameteOuji

    Clothing T-Shirt V2 2.0

    Please enjoy!
  15. YameteOuji

    Clothing It's a T-Shirt 1.0

    It's a T-Shirt! This was my very first VaM asset. I'm relatively new to VaM but not the world of 3D Art. I hope to bring many nice free clothes to VaM. I like to specialize in cute clothing. Other assets seen in image (not included): Look: MaF - VaMJapan A (Japanese Anime Character) -...
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