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  1. C

    Clothing T-ShirtV2 Sleeveless Addon 1

    New alphas and presets for T-ShirtV2 by YameteOuji. Includes sleeveless preset versions of all original color presets. This package does not include the clothing, you must install that also. If you are having trouble finding the presets make sure to choose "All Flattened" on the far left of the...
  2. Z

    Clothing Gwen's Shirt/Skirt 1

    Shirt and skirt worn by Gwen on Total Drama Island
  3. Z

    Clothing Lori Loud's clothes 1

    Shirt and pants worn by Lori Loud from "The Loud House"
  4. Z

    Clothing Luna Loud's Shirt/Skirt 1

    Contains the Shirt and Skirt worn by Luna Loud from "the Loud House" Boots will be added once i figure out how to make boots.
  5. YameteOuji

    Clothing T-Shirt V2 2.0

    Please enjoy!
  6. YameteOuji

    Clothing It's a T-Shirt 1.0

    It's a T-Shirt! This was my very first VaM asset. I'm relatively new to VaM but not the world of 3D Art. I hope to bring many nice free clothes to VaM. I like to specialize in cute clothing. Other assets seen in image (not included): Look: MaF - VaMJapan A (Japanese Anime Character) -...
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