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Cloth Sim Paint With Blender

Guides Cloth Sim Paint With Blender

Here is a quick guide on how to use blender to paint VAM cloth sim. Video is short and no words.
Below is the text version.
  • First, this method can only apply to what you created or import other's cloth. For shared by other, you best bet is Photoshop and gimp.
  • After you import the cloth into vam and generated sim data, you can use the uniform sim texture for testing with the default dance, animator.
  • After you have an idea where needs sim, you want to load the mesh into blender, . Recommend load the G2F Body for reference.
  • Make sure uv unwrap correctly and no uv on top of each other, its very important for the vam sim to work
  • In general, you would like to keep thing above shoulders stable(253/0.99), chest area in the mid(128), lower part complete free flow(0)
  • Don't use Red channel 255, it will lock cloth to body and can't undress. Use 253/0.99 instead.
  • After done painting, save and load the sim to either material sim slot or uniform sim slot, I prefer material sim slot because there is a reload button.
  • You can add sim to main tex or decal to better visualized the paint.
  • Back to blender to fix what not good, and Alt+S to save to same location, reload in vam

Here is a video with end result on my Miss International Sash. Shoulder stable, back slightly moving, chest follows big boobs, tail flow well.
Let me know if any confusion. Join my Discord server to learn more.
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