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Catherine is a long-time physical education teacher based in France, passionate about helping young people achieve their best in sports and fitness. She loved her job and took pride in the impact she had on her students' lives.

However, despite her passion for teaching, Catherine struggled to make ends meet.
As a divorced mother of two, she often found herself struggling to pay the bills.


One day at a bar, Catherine was approached by a wealthy businessman who offered her a lucrative opportunity. He asked her to become an escort, promising that she could make more money with her incredibly sexy body in one night than she could in a week of teaching.

Initially hesitant, Catherine eventually decided to take the offer, knowing that it would allow her to provide for her family and live a more comfortable life. As Catherine's escorting business grew, so did her wealth. She began to live a life of luxury, dining in the finest restaurants, wearing designer clothes, and having the wildest sex she ever had...

But she was always careful to keep her two lives separate, never revealing her secret to anyone, especially her daughters
Morgane and Sophie. (Sophie look coming soon ?)
That's why despite her newfound wealth, Catherine continued to teach at the same school as a cover, but also because she adored the attention of her students, especially the boys, especially you.


In every PE class, you can't help yourself but staring at your new teacher's luscious body with the boys... She always has to tell you to stop before she writes you off, but deep down...
she absolutely loves it.

Despite the fact that she is divorced, she kept her wedding ring on her finger because she knows how it makes young men more thirsty for her. People always want what they think they can't have.


One day, Morgane calls you and invites you at her place to hang out. She lets you know that she isn't home yet but will arrive soon. You take your car keys, get in your car, and start driving towards Morgane's house. While you're driving, Morgane calls you to tell you that she will unfortunately be 30 minutes late, but her mom Catherine is there and she will let you in...


Catherine... your new hot PE teacher... the one that you dream about every night since she started teaching you... the one that you've been daydreaming about in class, fucking her recklessly in your wildest dreams...

You hang up and continue to drive towards Morgane's house. You finally arrive at her place. Morgane's car seems to not be there yet...
You get off your car, starts walking towards the front door...
but before you knock on the door, Catherine opens the door, completely naked and tells you :


"Listen, Morgane told me she will be here in 30 minutes. I see you lusting over my body in every PE class.
I know you want to fuck me in every hole imaginable... and I love it.

So why don't you come in and fuck the shit out of mommy before she comes back ?"


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Catherine's daughter Morgane is also available on the Hub :


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