Captain's Chair

Scenes Captain's Chair 2023-01-25

Traveling the stars as a Starfleet Captain while your female crew watches you jerk off in the captain's chair? YES PLEASE

Big thanks to @SuperSamoth for importing the assets

Mind the performance. The scene contains 3 girls so your computer might feel bad. Get rid of one or two of the girls if there is a fire hazard

The animations are ported to timeline and simplified so the scene can still work

In order for the viewscreen to work there is an atom called "video projector" that contains the video projector plugin. You will need to download this video here and drop it in your main vam folder

Go to the video projector atom, find the plugin, press play and adjust the image size as needed.

For performance you can get rid of the asset that contains the ship exterior as you most likely will spend your time jerking off in the captain's chair or fucking around with your crew.

If there are any problems let me know

Ohh and for new guys - yeah having no skin models is ok. It's like that so you can insert your own models without me bloating the scene with mine.
Have fun
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Oh my God! 《ReignMocap》 the king of moving-catch forever!
What? What does that mean? :))))
Nice !
Wooooow! This is like a dream come true!
Just had the time to try it out in desktop-mode so far (starfield works).
Cant wait to put on the headset this eve and go where no man has gone before 😍
If I was just better in creating animations. A BJ in the Captains Chair would be super sweet 😛
I doubt you can run 3 girls in VR. That bj might still come :))
Omg this is what we were waiting for all along. Thanks!
As a hardcore trekkie this warms my heart
I love the starfield and the button easter egg
Glad you got the starfield video to work. Thank you
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