bouncy furniture as cloth

Clothing bouncy furniture as cloth 6

(just out of early access)

Added a demo scene where you can play around with the cloth physics with buttons.

also added a furniture man preset

Flexible furniture, as a clothing item for a male dummy.

I noticed the simsheet only works about 1/2 the time before it bugs out, disables its sim permanently and wrecks your scene, so my simsheet bed is permanently broken. However, clothing doesn't have the same problem, so I made some fun items to play around with, jello ball (trying to make it an exercise ball) and, a nice bouncy bed.

its not totally dependent on negative gravity either, about half its springiness is due to skin stiffness

make a male dummy model
zero all morphs on the male model and reset pose
disable everything softbody, autobehaviours, etc.
on the male dummy model, except for collision
Freeze physics on the male model (really)
save appearance for new scenes (optional)
furniture will spawn way above the male model
fun.... then mess around with the physics dials on the furniture...

you can also change the scale of the furniture by changing the scale of the male model

skin joint stiffness will make the furniture stay in place
drag damps the fabric
There are probably other settings?

if your model is pressed into the bed when you save it may clip through on a reload, its probably best to have an animation pattern to reset the sheet by turning collision off, cranking up the gravity to flatten the bed, collision on, then gravity back to normal

Furniture may get hungry and eat your model.

Sure, why not? Post a screenshot maybe?
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  1. added bar stool

    added bar stool, made couch textures & physics less bad
  2. added ottoman and coffin bed

    added ottoman and coffin bed
  3. added demo scene

    just a quick demo where you can play around with the cloth physics on the ducky (swan) model

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VAM should have more this kind of experimental. Thank you!
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A wonderful idea that you had. it works very well. a big congratulations to you. and thank you very much for your sharing
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