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Lost all data on broken SSD. So I had to record the video with Nvidia for now, which has weird audio glitches. You can watch it without audio anyway, because you already know that it uses my main template. I only briefly showcased animation and lightning set-ups in this video.

-Switch off soft body on glutes for best perfomance
-Tested on 90hz cap2, at least 3 lights
-Remember that if you clicking buttons and nothing happens this means that your camera view stuck in walls

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Ngl dude i see a lot of effort in your scenes. I like all of them, nice scenes not slow and dull. Really sad to hear that you lose your ssd and data in it.. I feel you. I hope you get back to it again. You are one of those guys who doing good scenes in this community.
Oh my god, did you realistically lose the data on the SSD? I am so sorry to hear that.
I too was startled by the sound and woke up. :P
I will add the scene later after I see it.
Looks fantastic, love the customization.
that sound at video :D rip my ears
I hope people won't think that this is from actual scene. Wrote it in description
the preview video audio starting at 29 seconds hurt my fucking ears.
But why you rate resource with audio impression of video? I don't care about rating, but you clearly didn't read description
This reminded me Commodor 64 games starting up.
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