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This is an early preview of a plugin that can make all characters in a scene feel alive. It comes with bundled scene that lets you test its various features (best experienced in VR!). This scene is configured with embody, which MUST BE activated by pressing 8.

In the demo scene be sure to try these:

- pushing the girl into the bed

- touching the girl and seeing how her body reacts when she gets aroused

- when embodied: getting away from her and see how she crawls back to you

- bringing male genitals close to her mouth

If you want to test it in any other scene just add this plugin either as a scene plugin or to either person. Add do it only once - it will manage all actors! Also be sure to either have a scene with no other plugins or remove all the plugins that do things similar to these below. Default configuration will enable gaze and head movement, so if you want to use this with some mocap scene, be sure to tick off head motion in the GUI. Also to see current hand movement implementation tick "\XXX manage hands"\ in the UI.

Note that I coded this plugin out of frustration with how hard and time consuming it is to create interactive stories in VAM and this plugin is designed as an easy API library for people who know how to code, rather than one of the standard plugins that you add to your scenes. Nevertheless - even if you're not into coding, you can try all these behaviours in some mocap scenes and see them coming... more alive. See in-plugin GUI docs for options!


- glancing at other persons and scene objects, with glance behaviour that can be tuned depending on factors such as speed or proximity of object that the person looks at, arousal level or overall mood of the person. It can be set up so aroused actor will gaze the genitals longer, persons standing face to face will look into each other's eyes etc.

- single arousal parameter that controls changes in the body (male and femala genital erection, nipples etc.) when persons get turned on. Arousal might be changed i.e. by looking at another person, proximity or touch of erogenous zones.

- touch system that collects information from the whole body, works for touching with VR hands, objects and other persons. Knows when you caress or when you spank.

- a sytem to reach and touch other actors in the scene (including the bodyless player) - note: this is in very early phase...

- bodyless player now has a body that collides with other persons in the scene

- idle moves system that kicks in automatically only when a controller is not moving (i.e. pelvis movements if arousal is high enough, head and hands micro movements if hands are idle).

- breathing rate that can vary depending on arousal, anexity, cardio etc.

- any person might be pushed off balance and fall into bed / chair / on the ground

- and many, many more features I've already forgot

Currently in development:

- bulge and elasticity effect for penetration, varies with depth and speed, also replaces autolabia/realfakelabias plugin,

- genitals will snap into orifices and will be slightly pulled into proper position.

And some goodies for scene developers:

- one call to convert any person into a doll-like state

- put your actors in vamasutra poses using a single line of code!

- select hand (finger) gestures using a single line of code, create scenes with full blown body language!

- schedule timed events in your scene using elegent API, at absolute or relative times

- easily obtain distances, gaze points and other properties of actors

- run hundreds of interpolated things (morphs, forces, torques, vectors, quaternions...) using "\channels"\ that support queues, conditional execution or preempting. Create as many channels as you require

- smart channels that can schedule "\main"\ movements and fall back to idle movements when main movement is finished

- a tracker that can evaluate if an event is rythmic or not so
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Latest updates

  1. UI button to enable embody if keyboard doesn't work

    Veeery minor fixes: - UI button to enable embody if keyboard doesn't work - Added eye blinking...

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After 2 Years. When we see more from you?
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For sure, one of the best plugins and a MUST HAVE. I will say it could use some optimization because when I use this on 2 atoms, my FPS drop enough to make me notice. Even with that said, it is such a great all in 1 plugin. Thank you!
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Can't wait for more!! Have been playing with this a bit lately, Is the head snapping normal, or am I doing something wrong? Sometimes I like to sit two models in a scene and get them close and it gets pretty real sometimes. I'm not sure what causes it but they will look at one another then rapidly snap their head away and look away.

Can make it seem unnatural sometimes, but overall SUPER impressed
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Wow thanks for the effort! These kind of Plugins are what will make vam even better.
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extremely efficient ... this alpha (alpha???!!) release works like a charm immediately after loading. Very compatible with my most used plugins (that's quite rare too!!!) It looks very similar (about its resulting effects) to the glorious e-motion plugin. After looking at the related read-me I was thinking it was more difficult using it: but it's not, at all. It's a load-and-play very very nice gift. Thank you for your work.
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Love it!
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This plugin is already amazing enough as it is. I cant wait to see how the creator is gonna top this version. 11/10
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This is fantastic so far, cant wait to see it evolve!
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Ok I have no idea what to expect here cause I didn't try it out right now. But I give you five stars already just for the effort. Sounds great, will try out and leave a more detailed rating.
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Love this!
Wait till you see v0.9 ;)
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