Bathroom Futa Face Fuck

Scenes Bathroom Futa Face Fuck 3

There are basic controls for Play/Stop/Speed/Random Speed and Trigger Orgasm.
Orgasm will occur on it's own semi-randomly.
You cannot click the buttons through the glass unfortunately.

I Use VAM in Desktop Mode on a Powerful PC.
I haven't tried it in VR. If performance is terrible definitely try turning some lights off (try disabling shadows only first)

I used 60hz Physics rate and High Quality Physics Disabled when making the scene. These are the recommended settings.

Thanks -
AcidBubbles for his amazing plugins and his advice for using them.
hazmhox for VAMMoan and the Scene
WeebU for all the inspiration
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Latest updates

  1. 3

    Disabled AntiAliasing in PostMagic to prevent double vision in VR
  2. Version 2

    Just a small update small change to orgasm animation UI is parented properly so if you turn off...

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Exactly what enoeht says. Not my thing but good work, anti-lgbt people like brainstoun need to shoot themselves.
Thanks, in VR i am seeing 2 screens in each eye something is wrong, awesome scene keep it up glad i found it.
check PostMagic that Anti-Aliasing is disabled, maybe i left that on my accident. i will update if so
Diluting another inappropriate review - Poor reviews should only be given if the content is fraudulent in some way - not just for matters of personal taste.
Awesome, thank you for doing this
to everyone: please report that person taht keeps leaving 1 stars because is just a stupid intollerant person..
Futa isn't really my thing, but I totally respect the work that goes into these looks and scenes. Plus, sometimes it's fun to replace the male with a futa model.

@brainstoun It clearly says "futa" in the title. There are "Hide Futa Content" and "Hide LGBT+ Content" check boxes in your account preferences. You don't have to one star everything futa just because you don't want to see it. Just hide it and move on to the next one. Hope that helps. Have a good day everyone! 💗
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