Arie Remix for Metachat

Looks Arie Remix for Metachat 12

Disabled sim on clothing that doesn't need it, reduced sim on clothing that does, optimized hair sim (disabled some), and edited friction and comply settings for MetaChat play
Just kidding, fixed eyeball reflections and shadows
Added a deblurred version of the face skin, and tried to reduce dependencies some. Despite people being rude about it, it's a good idea.
Bugfixing for dependencies
Ark1F1 made some amazing fan art, I insisted on supporting them and using it. Absolutely incredible work by them, if you like my style you'll LOVE theirs! <3


Added new skin textures and sweat maps, thanks to all the new dependency makers <3
great suggestion to move origin to prevent EXPLOSIONS when new players join Metachat
This scene is now also a playground for Metachat. added buttons for toggling mirrors, and added a togglaeble selfiecam:

playground - Copy.png
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