Arie Remix for Metachat

Looks Arie Remix for Metachat 12


Remix of Xpada's look, go support them! THANK YOU XPADA, I love the base look! <3

Go check out their patreon too, they make amazing VAM content <3

Screenshot below, clothing, (more editing than my base look!) courtesy of the AMAZING Ark1F1, go check out their Patreon here:


Credits on the side, these folks are amazing and you should check them out!
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Latest updates

  1. Reduced Sims, updated face textures, optimization, etc

    Disabled sim on clothing that doesn't need it, reduced sim on clothing that does, optimized hair...
  2. Added a dependency back in out of spite

    Just kidding, fixed eyeball reflections and shadows
  3. Dependency Reduction!

    Added a deblurred version of the face skin, and tried to reduce dependencies some. Despite...

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Fanned and Faved. Nice work on the buttons!
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