Alissa Fo'Real

Looks Alissa Fo'Real 2020-11-22

Actress , and unknown to me until recently, apparently a singer of the Canadian persuasion.

Uses the Kayla skin from Vren
Hair is a mash up of 2 Roac hairs - Daisy and Bangs from his Modular Hairs
Lashes by Wolmarc
Makeup by Alter3go
Pubic Hair by Scamp
Enhanced Eyes and Eye Blender by Hunting Succubus
Photo Studio Environment from VamXFan
Face Decals from Kemenate
Decal Maker from Chokaphi
Morphs used to create this look - Kemenate Unisex Morphs, SupaRioAmateur Breast Morphs, Tenstrip (An3k), Reloaded (Spacedog), Tiseb foot morphs, Dilldoe morphs.
*I recommend also using the Female Body Tessellation from Hunting Succubus for some smoother models*

Screenshots taken using just Macgrubers Super Shot

SciFi-esque screenshot uses the following but they are not included

The Core by Hazmhox
Weapons101 by Hazmhox
Outfit is a mashup i threw together using the NoOC Silver Sable and some paid gloves and boots

The two other screenshots used the following clothes which are not included

AnythingFashionVR's Tight White Shirt
SupaRioAmateur's Anaconda Shorts

If you find that something is missing, or doesn't load properly or anything is wrong , please let me know.

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