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Abella Hernando

Looks Abella Hernando 2020-11-17

The fourth and probably last look for now (until i finally finish the new one ive been putting off finishing) is a social media personality and fitness model/influencer. She also seems to really enjoy taking pictures of her own behind.

-Skin is the in game Kayla skin from Vren
-Model includes morphs from :
-Kemenate's Unisex Morphs
-SupaRioAmateur's Breast and 7th Heaven Morphs
-Tenstrip Morphs (an3k)
-Reloaded Lite Morphs (spacedog)
-Dilldoe Morphs
-Tiseb Feet
-Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus
-Eyelashes by Wolmarc
-Makeup by Alter3go
-Decal Maker by Chokaphi
-Hair by REM
-Nails by SupaRioAmateur
-Environment by VamXFan
-Face Decals by Kemenate

*Reccomendation* as with the rest, while not included, i suggest using the Female Body Tessallation plugin from Hunting Succubus for some slightly smoother models.

The following clothing was used in the screenshots but is not included

YameteOuji Egregious Sneakers https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/egregious-sneakers.572/
AmineKunai Gray Sporty Top https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/gray-sporty-set.2694/
VL_13 Sweater https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/sweater-pink.989/
SupaRioAmateur FitnessStar Leggings - i believe they are either on Discord or the Reddit still
The Locker Room environment is from VamFan and i got it on the reddit a ways back - unsure if its still downloadable

If there are any problems or something is missing or doesn't load - or if her glutes are too big and they take up all your cpu resources to enable physics please let me know.

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Donno who this is, but it looks good and she has a big butt.
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