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When used with 100 Scene Ready Outfits, some outfits with larger boots were dipping below the floor on certain poses causing the feet/toes to glitch/twitch. I updated those poses so they are now compatible with more outfits with larger boots.
Updated to use Modern Photo Studio version 3 which adds the following options to the 50 Mirror Poses scene:

Modern Photo Studio - Version 3 Update.png

Added Low Mirror Button On/Off Option
LM Button will show or hide the Low Mirrors button in the back. For Dark Room Style this will give you a more solid black background without it getting in the way if you're not using it.

Added 2K or 4K Resolution Mirrors and Reflective Floor Slate Option
This will make 8 updates to texture size on the High Mirrors (3), Low Mirrors (3), and White and Black Reflective Floor Slates (2). It will adjust all of them to 2K or 4K based on your preferences. You want to uncheck 4K and then check 2K.

The Studio is set to 4K by default which gives a mirror image that is pretty much a duplicate causing higher system requirements. This can cause slowness for some users. This allows users the option to lower them all at once. A lot of VAM scenes will set the mirror texture size to around 2k and not 4k. This just changes the texture size on the mirrors and reflective floor slate, it does not change the resolution on the model or anything else in the scene.

4K will work well with photos but for animations you may need to use 2K.
Includes Modern Photo Studio v2 with Black Room Style and Black Mirrors, MPS Control Panel to adjust lighting, and an added Pose Controller to click back and forward through all the poses. The scene is also now setup with Custom Keybinding Commands (Hot Keys). All you have to do is add the AcidBubbles Keybindings session plugin, open the UI on his plugin, click import (add), and search and add the "Pose Controller v1 Keybindings" from the var and it will update them so you can use your keyboard to go through poses. You can search "pose" in the keybindings list to see them after. Then these hotkeys will work on your keyboard...

Hot Keys
Previous Pose: Left Arrow
Next Pose: Right Arrow
Last Pose: Up Arrow
First Pose: Down Arrow
Random Pose: Spacebar

I shared a lot more detailed info on how to do this in the discussion section and how this all works if you need that info...

Pose Controller
A Pose Controller has been added as well so Hot Keys are optional.


X = toggle hide all other UI buttons to reduce mirror reflection and extra brightness.
Left, Top, Floor, Right = moving the Pose Controller around. These are coded with timeline keyframes that move the Pose Controller.
001 is the Pose Number, it goes from 001-050 and loops back to one after 050 is passed.
3 High, 3 Low toggle on/off the mirrors.
|< = go to first pose
< = previous pose
? = random pose
> = next pose
>| = go to last pose

Switching from White Room Style to Black Room Style
On the Control Panel will be an option to control the lighting and choose either the White Room Style or Black Room Style. If you want the Black Room Style, uncheck all the White Room Style boxes above it first, then check the Black Room Style boxes. Do the same going back to White Room, uncheck all Black Room boxes first.

Black Room Style with Black Mirrors.png
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