50 Mirror Poses in a 3 Mirror Scene with UI Buttons to easily click and view each pose. Choose between a White Room Style or a Black Room Style. Switch poses by clicking on the Pose Buttons, using the Pose Controller or using Hot Keys. The poses have been adjusted to give good viewing angles with the 3 Mirrors in the Modern Photo Studio. Feel free to modify and use this and any of the poses however you like. Downloading the var will add all 50 pose presets to your VAM to use on any other scene as well.

Scene Preview

50 Mirror Poses - Black Room Style.png

Control Panel
The scene uses the Modern Photo Studio Control Panel to allow you to easily adjust lighting, mirrors and assets to your preferences. Adjust the mirrors and reflective floor slate to either 2k or 4k resolution. This will not change the resolution on your model or anything else in the scene. There is an added option for Flat, Thin or Thick Mirrors to either add or reduce line effects with the mirrors. A drop down UI Text Panel in the Control Panel lets you store your Hot Key settings to easily remember them or add whatever notes you would like for the scene.

MPS Control Panel v3.png

Pose Controller
Choosing Floor on the Pose Controller lets you move it inside the mirror area right in front of your model.

X = Hide all other UI to reduce reflection, outside light, and give a more realistic viewing experience
Left, Top, Floor, Right = move Pose Controller position
001 = Track which Pose # you are viewing
3 High, 3 Low = Toggle On/Off either 3 High Mirrors or 3 Low Mirrors
|< = go to first pose
< = previous pose
? = random pose
> = next pose
>| = go to last pose

50 Mirror Poses - Pose Controller.png

Hot Key Integration
Hot Keys allow you to use your keyboard to quickly arrow back and forward through poses.

Hot Keys
Previous Pose: Left Arrow
Next Pose: Right Arrow
Last Pose: Up Arrow
First Pose: Down Arrow
Random Pose: Spacebar

How To Add Hot Keys
First you want to download AcidBubbles Keybindings plugin if you don't have it already as a session plugin. It's got 68k+ downloads and is awesome.

AcidBubbles Keybindings Plugin

Adding AcidBubbles Keybindings to use Hot Keys is optional and not required to view or use the scene. You can click the UI buttons or use the pose controller.

How to Add AcidBubbles Keybindings Plugin as a Session Plugin
Open VAM and click on Edit Mode, then click the 3 lines for main menu, Session Plugins tab on the left, Add Plugin, Select File.


Search on the left for "key" or keybindings, and click on the folder below it for AcidBubbles, that should generate icons on the right. There are multiple ones that are a part of his var package, you want to click on the main one which is "Keybindings.cslist"


Click on Open Custom UI


This is how you adjust all your keyboard shortcuts. This is what everyone uses to build large scenes with. It already comes with some default shortcut keys, some only work in certain parts of the VAM software. For example there is a Timeline section that you have to open Timeline for those keys to work.

Click on Import (add)...


Search on the left for "VamEssentials" or "Mirror" and it will display the keybinding for you in the var package, click it to add it...


If you want to verify if it worked, scroll down right below the import button you clicked, you can search the word "pose" and check the box to "Only show bound commands". That means only the fields with something on them for hot keys. You will see a Custom Commands section with them listed. If you want to change them, you can click on the box, then on your keyboard just click on any other key it lets you map it to. If you can't map it to that key, it will say choose another key. After you see it displayed, click off the box onto the UI somewhere and it will update it. At the top you can export out your settings you prefer to reload them again if ever needed. That's all I did was exported them out and shared them in the var after mapping them. They will automatically show up if you search Pose unmapped so you can manually map them or import in the keybindings file in the var.


Saving Session Plugin Settings in VAM
When you restart VAM your session plugins will reset back to the VAM default settings. If you like using AcidBubbles Keybindings and hotkeys you can make them a part of your User Defaults so they load every session.

Right below the Session Plugins tab is the Session Plugin Presets tab. At the top you can click the button for Change User Defaults and click Set Current As User Defaults. This will make it where AcidBubbles Keybindings and anything else you add as a session Plugin auto loads for every session, even if you restart VAM. If you make changes, you can come back here and click it again to update those changes. You can also create a preset on this screen and manually load them in each session.

Session Plugin Presets.png

50 Mirror Poses
50 Mirror Poses 1.png

50 Mirror Poses 2.png

50 Mirror Poses 3.png

Requires VaM v1.22.0.0 or newer
UIButtonImage atoms require VaM v1.22.0.0 or newer. This feature was added in a later version of VAM and if on an older version may receive errors clicking Image Buttons in scenes.

Be sure you have Collision checked on the model used under the Control & Physics 1 tab. This is required for a lot of poses and VAM will sometimes auto uncheck it and turn it off.

If you try to click a button and it doesn't click, you need to zoom in some on VAM for your mouse to click it.

To switch from Light Room Style to Dark Room Style, you'll want to first uncheck everything under Light Room Style then check what you want under Dark Room Style. Do the same when switching back to Light Room Style, uncheck everything under Dark Room Style first.

At the top left, uncheck the "High Mirrors" toggle button and you will see the "Low Mirrors" toggle button on the back wall to the right. You can use the high mirrors, low mirrors, or wall backdrop to take screenshots or saves for appearances.

Low Mirrors allows you to place another layer of button options on the back wall and still have access to turning on/off the low mirror view without the high mirrors blocking those buttons.

The scene includes around 100 atoms to create the mirrors, lighting and pose buttons, so are set to hidden by default so the main core parts of a scene built on it can be more easily viewable and managed. Click the select (arrow) button on the Vam Main Menu and check "Show Hidden" to view all the parts if you would like to modify them.

Loading Poses On Other Scenes
If you download the var, all 50 of the mirror pose presets will be added to your VAM and can be loaded on any scene by going to the Pose Presets tab / clicking the Select Existing button / and then searching for:
VamEssentials or 50 Mirror Poses

This is the full name of the folder they are in: VamEssentials.50_Mirror_Poses

For the screenshot above I used MacGruber Essentials SuperShot plugin:

You click on the model, go to the Plugins tab, Add Plugin, and search for Essentials, then on the right find SuperShot and add it.

I opened the SuperShot options and used the default 16:9 1920x1080 (FHD) settings. I clicked the "Take Screenshot (with Preview)" button and moved it around until I got a good angle with the mirrors and left mouse clicked and it snapped a photo. I then clicked esc to exit out the Supershot mode. It saved the screenshots in the VAM / Saves / screenshots folder and I used them as is.

YameteOuji.L02_Set: CC BY (Bra and Stockings)
paledriver.Eyes_reflection_and_shadow.latest: CC BY
kemenate.Female_Body_Hair: FC (Eyebrows)
kemenate.Female_Hairstyles: FC
Erasmus.Elliot: CC BY (Wispy Pubes)
Roac.Park_hair: CC BY
Riddler.Eyes: CC BY
DJ TanLines Victoria 5 6% One Piece: FC
VAMJFD FullMouthTexture: CC By
Modified version of VamXFan Photo Studio for Virt A Mate: CC BY
Blazedust.Script_ColorScale: CC BY
TiSeb.Colortone: FC
AcidBubbles.Keybindings: CC BY-SA
SPQR.AeternumToolsPack: CC BY
AcidBubbles.Timeline: CC BY-SA
Total Size
1.02 MB
First release
Last update
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fantastic poses with amazing facial expressions on some of them. thank you so much for sharing these with us :)
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This scene has some of the best lighting for photo shoots plus a great collection of poses. I wish you'd been around when I first started VAM. This VAMEssentials project has been great!
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Awesome work
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Awesome not "only" poses. But a demo scene including ui and a mirror. finally things are coming together. Thanks!

(Yes everybody can choose poses and clothing via vam ui and hack together a scene with a mirror. .. but people dont want to do that everyday. some people just want to fire up vam and a nice scene that is easy to use. So big thanks for not only providing poses but also making them easily accesible for the masses.)
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Very Nice Poses, Please Make More
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Amazing, goes great with the Photo studio!
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Thank you!!!
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More poses is always a great thing! Thank you! Are the poses also available through pose presets?
Thank you! Yes they are! If you download the var, all 50 of the mirror pose presets will be added to your VAM and can be loaded on any scene by going to the Pose Presets tab / clicking the Select Existing button / and then searching for: VamEssentials or 50 Mirror Poses

This is the full name of the folder they are in: VamEssentials.50_Mirror_Poses
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