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Scenes 2049 3

This update adds version 3 of the 2049 scenery pack. Version 3 adds the ability to take off and land at three different landing platforms across the city. Flights are automated and are activated by orange buttons that become available along the journey through the city. The last sample image below shows where the buttons are located in the center console. Only one button is active at any given time, the button turns off during flight.

The first flight pauses at a couple of points along the route, you will know you have landed when the engine sounds power down and the button for the next destination becomes active.

This scene works by moving the player navigation panel. Sometimes there could be minor jittering in the vehicle frame. One way to reduce this was to keep the animations slow and smooth, which also helps reduce motion sickness in VR.

2049 version 3 pic 9.jpg2049 version 3 pic 8.jpg2049 version 3 pic 4.jpg2049 version 3 pic 3.jpg2049 version 3 pic 1.jpg2049 version 3 buttons.jpg
In version 2 of this scene, Saiko finds a "muscle relaxer" in the glove compartment of the vehicle and decides to release some tension during the long ride home.
muscle massager 1.jpgmuscle massager 2.jpgcyberpunk dildo.jpg

* Version 2 includes a subscene, this subscene incorporates one of the fantastic Space Babes motion capture animations created by ReignMocap. More explanation of this is included in the discussion area.

* Version 2 adds new sound and removes the need for a web panel. It also includes a few more clothing dependencies, though Saiko looks just fine with no clothes at all.
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