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The original scene provides a slow cruise over a cyberpunk city with Saiko just chilling out. A web panel is in the back seat, it is set to suggested music that matches the theme of this environment.

In version 2 of this scene, Saiko finds a muscle massager in the glove box and decides to relieve some tension during the long ride home. This scene adds new sounds, eliminates the need for a web panel, and includes animations from the new Space Babes scene by ReignMocap (this is explained more in the discussion area).
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  1. Added Scene Version 2: introduced new animation and sound effects--eliminates need for web panel.

    In version 2 of this scene, Saiko finds a "muscle relaxer" in the glove compartment of the...

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great stuff Farger, love this recent influx of Sci-fi goodness by you keep em coming
Thank you for the nice feedback, I have more like it. I don't know how much I can keep up this pace, but I will try.
Such a chill VR Expierience! Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more of this
I have lots of creations that I have made over the years, some are in older versions of VAM and it takes work to get it all working in a VAR. Positive ratings and encouraging feedback like yours makes it all worth it.
FFS dude you are killing me with these. Now I have a moral obligation to make animations for these :)
Your outstanding mocaps and animations are most welcomed.
Love it. VaM doesn't need to be all sex all the time. Sometimes a chill ride is just what the doctor ordered (as long as there's a naked lady riding shotgun :) )
Cheers to the lovely lady who likes to ride shotgun. Thank you for the nice feedback.
nice work cmdr! one of the coolest scenes I've seen in vam!
Thank you, I need the encouragement.
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