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WOW. Every of your clips get better and better one after the next. BIG FAN here. You are pro level.
The pinnacle of what computers have been able to accomplish for the benefit of humanity.
Well done.
The best scene in vam :)
This is the third I have watched of your scenes. I keep thinking, certainly this person has peaked. Nope. You keep bringing it every time. There is so much going on in this scene. The multiple endings are all so nice so far too. Not just a quick fluid gimmick and a fade to black. They do fade to black eventually, but there are actual different endings. This is so impressive. When it fades to black the music changes and I expect to see movie/video game credits every time. Like surely this took most of ubisoft montreal to make, heh. Do you have a patreon? You should get one if you do not.
One of the best, great job !!!
Ok so this is hands down one of the best scenes I have seen in vam to date. I thought I would list some of the things I saw in it that just tilt it way above the rest and also things I clearly understand why they are not in most scenes, because they are hard to do.

No warping or teleporting, characters move from point A to B.
If there is an unrealistic or hack in changing something the scene will frame it out behind a character or out of sight if possible.
There is a damn sound track that will progress as the scene moves forward.
Lighting is used to amp up the realism imho.
Multiple cum 'escapes' in the scene that are all animated.
Male dick gets wet when coming out of the mouth... details
Facial expressions everywhere! Many vam scenes have dead faces, this one they throw there head back and morph expressions.
Multiple clothing transitions, char moves hands behind bra, bra goes undress mode and pulled off.
Liberal use of some of the amazing plugins for vam that fill in any of the gaps.

Truly this scene is peak VAM in action and shows the best is has to offer.
Excellent! The way the brunette bites her lip in anticipation is beautiful and very arousing! Best scene I've seen so far
Pure Art <3 The atmosphere, music, how the girls occasionally look at each other..everything is so well thought through and on point! Bravo!
That's what I'm talking about. An actual scene : )
It is brilliant Nicho, from beginning to end.
You are too good! omg ,I hope I can fast forward, can you tell me how to do it? Thank you very much♪(・ω・)ノ
The best scene ever. Wow
Late to the party, just checked this scene out and *gasp* this is something else! All of those interactions, the smooth sequence and long, detailed animations, kissing all around, it's crazy good! I am impressed and I hope many people get the chance to check out what you've done!
simply amazing, what a quality work, the threesome work amazingly with the two girls interacting with eachother... I tried it 2 or 3 time (in VR obviously) with my wife and the result is nuclear ^^ I can't wait to see what will be your next work, and if you open a patreon (like androinz) count me in ^^
Super creative and sensual. Great use of small gestures and subtle head movements to make the models more lifelike throughout the scene. Your attention to detail makes for a truly immersive experience.

Can't wait for your next creation!
Thanks man! Much appreciated!
really impressive work, probably the best scene available
Thanks dude!
Thanks a lot!
Impressive, I will have to test in VR, but there ...
I think this is the best scene I have tried
Much appreciated! And def. try it in VR! Different experience!
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