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Scenes 2+1


***Please make sure you download this additional dependency as it was not linked in the hub for some reason***

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FYI. This scene is a little over 15 minutes long.

Ideally this is a first-person VR experience so I suggest resetting your view prior to loading the scene to start at the correct position, also toggling VR hands off. If you'd like to go 3rd person, I have added a button above the door to switch from 1st to 3rd easily.

Unfortunately, as my other two scenes, VR hands must be off as it might break the animations which are a bit complex. For this same animation complexity, I also suggest not changing looks to another, as the differences in body size, shape, etc. could break the animations. If you do decide to however, I have placed a "play/pause" button on top of the door so you can pause, adjust if needed, and play.

BTW there are five different "endings" so make sure you check them all out!

I hope all the animations work out well for everyone. Please let me know if you have issues so I can take a look at them! Thanks!

Hunting Succubus' Eyeball Shadow
CuteSvetlana's MiniSkirt
Noheadnoleg's Tattoos
Scamps' JulietsClass
AcidBubbles' Timeline,Improved POV, & Passenger
Hazmox's Vam Moan
MacGruber's Life
PetaZwega's Henry
Jackaroo's FreeGenNormals
Clockwise's Silver Kiss
Yamete Ouji's Shoes & Socks
HiJoker's Pantie & Bra
Cloudcover's Shirt
Dub's Lucille
NoStage's Hair
Kemenate's Morphs
AshAuryn's Expressions
Rernat's Thong
VirtAmateur's Hair
AshAuryn's Morphs
Nabuhiro's Iphone
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53.23 MB
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  1. Removed unused dependency

    I was able to remove a dependency that was not being used at all.
  2. Less Dependencies

    Not sure why "KdollMASTA.KDoll_Mk10.1" was referenced prior. Shouldn't be there anymore. If it...

Latest reviews

This is by far....and i mean by REALY REALY far.....the dam best scene on this website. Even the payed scenes i've tryed didn't even reach the half of the quality you give with your work.
Animation, atmosphere, lights, music......dude you are such a talent.
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These 2x Beautiful Young Ladies are so Real. not much compares to this absolute gem. so many Heart Humps to you for bringing this to a Reality. i hope you do some more its so mesmerizing
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Still one of the best scenes created.

My only complaint is we havent seen anymore scenes from Nicho.
A 1 1/2 year old baby boy took me into retirement! Haha! Thanks for the praise on the scene!
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the best creator
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Best one!
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An amazing scene! I can't imagine how much work has been put into it. The first time I was afraid to move the mouse, so as not to break anything!) I have already changed one of the models, but everything still works great.
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Lord of scenes. You can't feel such a passion in real life
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Neat! I had some problems starting it from 1st person vr but once it started very well done.
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It feels criminal that this is free
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