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    Plugins Preset Maker

    Hi. Thanks for the plugin. There is one thing I hate is having so many CUA without thumbs. Would you be able to do a similar plugin that would open each or a filtered list of creators assets? And dump the thumbnails in a directory with correct name? Then we'd only have to move that jpg inside...
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    Scenes A Queens Toy (free version)

    DreamGTS.Queen_Victorias_Toy still does not exist. That one is called DreamVR.A_Queens_Toy_DEMO. Downloader DreamVR.A_Queens_Toy_DEMO.2.var, rename to expected filename. I also edited the var to have expected creatorName and packageName.
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    Question Sorting AddonPackages into custom subfolders in "VAM/AddonPackages/..."

    Just stumbled across this thread after searching for vam dir structure. I also sort vars in their creators subdir. After some time I got fed up moving vars and decided to make a small python script. I've packed it into an exe, you might find it usefull for sorting: vamtb 0.2
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    Scenes The Graves - Wispers from the past 1939 EP00 - *The War & The Maid*

    You need to url encode your link. # should be replaced by %23
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