1. G

    Textures Tribe Decals for Monique 6 1.0

    These decals where made to work with the Monique 6 Skin. The body and limb decals will work on other skin types but the face decals won't line up correctly, so make sure you're using the Monique 6 Skin if you want to use the face decal too. Simply apply the Decal and Normal maps in the Skin...
  2. Butch Succubus

    Butch Succubus

    A look inspired by Rachnera from Monster Musume and Zdrada from Helltaker
  3. Riddler

    Textures Tattoo Pack 2

    Some tattoos I made. They are all separated so you can combine them with or do whatever you want in photoshop. I made most of them for my Skin 4, but they should work on most light skinned textures.
  4. PrettyFrank

    Looks Rocker Sophie 1

    For use in the updated Club Solo scene. All morphs are hand-created using vanilla morphs to keep the overly high number of deps (IMO) down. This look was made possible only by the incredible authors we have in the VAM community! Here goes: Instructions Each of the 3 included variants...
  5. Fernn

    Paid Looks [XXXStar] Gene Valentine Version 1

    Gene Valentine is a petite Latina hottie who has killer fellatio skills and spicy curves 🥵️ Make sure to put smooth passes to 4 and pixel light count to 3 or above, also download the required downloads below :D PLEASE lmk if anything is wrong or missing otherwise enjoy...
  6. Clipboard03.jpg


    My model Hazel in a rockabilly style
  7. 10thToaster

    Looks Raven 2

    Version 2 of the look I like to use when building my scenes, Thought I would share this in case other people want to use it. Add as many piercings as you can! When using underwear customise the pubes so their length is 0, when taking them off reset them to the current values (0.3 ish) Decal...
  8. BTL_Simulations

    Textures Pim Textures 2021-10-31

    4 new textures for October's Model of the Month, Pim. Torso Tattoos (originally by S P L I N E V.R.) Limb Tattoos (originally by S P L I N E V.R.) Face Makup Light Pubes
  9. Fernn

    Paid Looks [XXXStar] Camela Sins Version 1

    Camela Sins has a Latina spice and energy that is pure sexual talent and desire! Make sure to put smooth passes to 4, also download the required downloads below :D PLEASE lmk if anything is wrong or missing otherwise enjoy! --------------------------------------------------- CREDIT: REQUIRED...
  10. rernat

    Looks Anja 2021-10-09

    I have some good memoirs to college time. So I got the idea to create an hommage to one of my former friends from this area. I hope you like her look. She comes with 4 different make-ups. Original Skin Textures by REN (Selene) slightly adjusted face texture and overlayed makeups. A brand new...
  11. rernat

    Looks Kathy in 2 styles 2021-10-02

    Package contains a scene with a little animation where you can switch between the two appearances. The skin texture for the black haired version is based on RENs mara-skin. I edited the face texture abit and added makeups. Enjoy and let me know which one you like more!
  12. Fernn

    Paid Looks Ashy B 2021-09-29

    Make sure to put smooth passes to 4, also download the required downloads below :D PLEASE lmk if anythings wrong or missing otherwise enjoy! --------------------------------------------------- CREDIT: REQUIRED DOWNLOADS REQUIRED MORPHS By: Spacedog REQUIRED HAIR By: Roac CLOTHES...
  13. czgt959000

    Paid Textures Heavy tattoos (female) 2021-09-26

    If you want the clothes version then here,Thanks qingfeng141 Appearancecomes from RE3 JILL SET Including Torso, Limbs, Genitals The picture used the content I posted before Next is...
  14. Sharr

    Paid Looks Skallarig 2021-09-12

    Hail Warriors! Introducing Skallarig, my new viking look! The tattoos on the scalp, arms and legs are clothing pieces, so you change the skin preset to something more your own style and keep the viking feel. The make-up in her face is a decal though! Made some clothing pieces as well to go...
  15. MrOrange

    Looks Tattoo Girl Trish 1

    Tattoo texture for torso and limbs and Makeup texture. Separate Morph for Head and Body. Enjoy! Hair done by Roac.
  16. noheadnoleg

    Paid Clothing [NHNL] T035 : Wearable Tattoo for Bad-Ass 3 a

    40 Preset for bad-ass tattoos ( Include left & right ) . # Plug & play. # Overlay possible. # Fully optimize. # Lazy guys ready.
  17. noheadnoleg

    Paid Clothing [NHNL] T034 : Wearable Tattoo for Bad-Ass 2 a

    40 Preset for bad-ass tattoos, include left/right glute. # Plug & play. # Fully optimize. # Overlay possible. # Lazy guys ready.
  18. PUTZ

    Paid Looks Tinsley 23yr “I can take it.” also a FREE Clothing Link 1

    Tinsley 23yr with Custom Morphs & Tattoos by PATREON.COM/PUTZ [Shining Star tier and up] Patron Exclusive Model *Hair by ROAC - [LINK] VAM HUB Var2 DL - Previously un-released for FREE. WARNING Large 1.3GB 1. Swimsuit Seal V2 - EPIC/Patron Exclusive [ VAM/AddonPackages ] by...
  19. noheadnoleg

    Paid Clothing [NHNL] T033 : Wearable Tattoo for Badass 1 a

    50+ Preset tattoos for back glute, triangle / left / right. # Plug & play. # Fully optimize. # Overlay possible. # Lazy guys ready.
  20. noheadnoleg

    Paid Clothing [NHNL] T032 : Wearable Tattoo for Henna Set a

    Over 150+ tattoos preset for henna collection. Full body, include : arms, legs, chest, torso, back, belly, pelvis, boob, glute. Plug & play. Lazy guys ready. Welcome to henna hell.
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