Paid Clothing OL_STYLE_SUIT 0.1

    They have complete normals, material maps, physics
  2. Monica the Succubus

    Paid Looks Monica the Succubus 2024-02-09

  3. basketball girl

    Clothing basketball girl 2024-02-09

  4. Magic Parade II

    Paid Clothing Magic Parade II 2.0

    The second version of Magic Parade, redesigned the top, increased the presets to three styles, enlarged the wings, made independent high-heeled boots and three presets, Can be worn with other parts from the first version of Magic Parade.
  5. KM435 Sex Card Game

    Paid Scenes KM435 Sex Card Game 1

    This mocap is for "Daddy" Patreon tier and includes three different scenes. Hey guys, I am KittyMocap - a girl who likes to create mocap animations in VAM. Enjoy them and follow me on Twitter for new animations! Support me on Patreon for private mocaps and you can ask me for any mocap you want...
  6. Sxs4 Adventures 7

    Paid Scenes Sxs4 Adventures 7 5

    Animated sex loops.
  7. Midnight Fun

    Scenes Midnight Fun 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    You and your girlfriend hadn't had time at all that day to have some fun, so you decided to wake up at midnight instead... A quick and easy 2 animation scene that took me an hour or 2 to make, I figured I would make this base and upload it, and I'll update it soon with new animations. Have fun!!!
  8. No Sleep Sex & Dance

    Paid Scenes No Sleep Sex & Dance 1

    PrimeMocap - No Sleep Sex & Dance This is part 2 from last weeks No Sleep Dance. It contains 3.5 minutes of cowgirl sex synced to music. The dance from part 1 is also included. Dance scene has been updated with face mocap. Sex scene: missing Dance (dance was released standalone last week...
  9. 10 Mutant Sex Poses

    Poses 10 Mutant Sex Poses 2024-02-02
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    10 Mutant Sex Poses Made for use with BPRTS Supa Mutant Also works without, it can be used propless, just modify the pose to fit more into your idea. Feel free to use in your scenes both free and paid, credit would be amazing! Mutant used in the poses is BPRTS Supa Mutant but can be used...
  10. Just a Toy (Scene 3)

    Paid Scenes Just a Toy (Scene 3) 1

    Introduction Robert met Adele, his new neighbour. A young girl who is self-employed as a camgirl. After an evening together eating pizza, she asked him if he would like to partecipate in her live show. Robert accepts but on conditions that he does not get recognised.
  11. Cheryl/Heather Mason Bathroom

    Scenes Cheryl/Heather Mason Bathroom 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This is my first scene, i was thinking about the silent hill remake and decided to make a scene with silent hill assets and looks i could find, so here you go. Whenever I use timeline it seems to always break something about the character, ill figure it out eventually but for now I am using...
  12. (POV)Beautiful Girls Sex

    Scenes (POV)Beautiful Girls Sex 2024-01-28

    Uh This scene animation still needs optimization. But..This time, I have chosen a brand new perspective to present it
  13. Sxs 4 Adventures 6 (Free gift)

    Scenes Sxs 4 Adventures 6 (Free gift) 1

    3some animated sex loops.
  14. KM434 Threesome in the Shower

    Paid Scenes KM434 Threesome in the Shower 1

    This mocap is for "Daddy" Patreon tier. Hey guys, I am KittyMocap - a girl who likes to create mocap animations in VAM. Enjoy them and follow me on Twitter for new animations! Support me on Patreon for private mocaps and you can ask me for any mocap you want there...
  15. Looping Doggy

    Paid Scenes Looping Doggy 3.0

    This is a 3-minute looping mocap with an orgasm animation that you can trigger on command. The male character also has an optional mocap animation that can be automatically disabled when using possession/embody. The scene is designed to be fully compatible with VamLaunch toys like the Handy and...
  16. Robin's Odyssey

    Paid Scenes Robin's Odyssey 1

    PrimeMocap - Robin's Odyssey Robin is on an adventure. She interacted with some kind of portal and then landed on a sky island in an unkown realm. Here she'll meet some creatures that help her to fulfill her sexual needs. Scene contains: • 86 seconds mocap intro sequence • 2 minutes of struggle...
  17. Wendy Stripper Fuck Simple Scene

    Scenes Wendy Stripper Fuck Simple Scene 2024-01-07
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Wendy Stripper Fuck Simple Scene Simple scene, with 1 Animation containing a few changes and camera angles Look By JohnSaken Camera controls: Main Camera: "-" Camera 2: "0" Camera 3: "9" Camera 4: "8" Contains: Hand Animated Various Speeds and Changes Audio Squirting Small Video: Credits to...
  18. Sxs4 Adventures 5

    Paid Scenes Sxs4 Adventures 5 2

    28 3some MMF animated sex loops.
  19. Paranormal Affair

    Paid Scenes Paranormal Affair 3

    Your wife Alisa has an affair... with a ghost! She pretends nothing is happening but really she only makes it look like she is sleeping while the apparition undresses, gropes, licks and has sex with her! You are sick of her bs but who is going to believe that story? Start the scene having...
  20. Just a Toy (scene 2)

    Paid Scenes Just a Toy (scene 2) 1

    Previusly on (Jat ep. I) In episode one, Rober sold a hentai game to the intractable Nadia. Now she has returned to the shop for clarification. JAT scene 2 It is a multi poses sex scene, with some introductory vocal dialogue lines. Credits AcidBubbles.Embody.59...
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