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  1. Virtamouse

    Paid Looks Kitty look 2020-11-01

    Hair by Roac Arty and Arty wisps.
  2. R

    Looks April 1

    Participant from spring banner contest. I finally remembered that I wanted to share her. Clothing is not included. Search this look in appearance presets.
  3. vecterror

    Paid Looks Better shameless than aimless 1.0

    Everyone who knows the TV show - learns to love this woman immediately. Who does not know the series now has the chance to get to know her ;) ...
  4. Zombie_Siris

    Paid Early-Access Looks Bad Bitches Multi-Look Pack 1

    "Bad Bitches" Multi-Look Theme Pack by Zombie_Siris Additional Screenshots: Top Patrons Early Release. Zombie Horde Release on November 6th. Free/Public Dec 4th. Please do not share these looks until they have gone public, thank you. "Mindy Rohan" Hair: Brows Janie by Kemenate Link...
  5. Zombie_Siris

    Paid Early-Access Looks Valkyrie of Versailles 1

    "Valkerie of Versailles" Custom Look by Zombie_Siris Additional Screenshots: Sword Texture created by Zombie_Siris Face and Body Morphs created by Zombie_Siris Face and Body Diffuse & Normal Maps created by Zombie_Siris Blood and Dirt body textures from a pre-existing free texture pack...
  6. Cs Digital Studio

    Paid Looks Yara 2020-10-29

    Age: 29 Height: 5'1" / 1.55m Software Used: VAM 1.20.10 Instructions: See PDF Instruction in the zip. Package Contents: All Yara files Cs Anus Position Z Hair Style Cs Brown Long 002 Cs Top Bikini Note: In the scene there is the McGrubber life plugin ( Vam 1.20 ), in the older...
  7. gamedvd

    Paid Looks Ayang 2020-10-29

    a beautiful girl of VAM!
  8. VaMPos

    Paid Scenes pin-up girl Mika 2020-10-29

    She is Mika. I created it with the image of a Japanese pin-up girl. Includes 4 scenes: introduction scene + Bonus scene. Bonus scene is a long scene animation of 8 minutes for handjob, blowjob, and cum. Requirements ・VamXFan - Sudio_Photo_Env.latest ・kemenate - Male_Body_Hair.latest...
  9. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)LivT 1.0

    ***** Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental. ***** "LivT" to ==>> VaM_Release1.19 (or1.20) \Saves\scene Hair: By Roac "Lush hair" https://www.patreon.com/posts/bed-hair-39749486 By kemenate...
  10. Oronan

    Paid Looks [Look&Hair] Ichigo 2020-10-28

    Hello! She is Ichigo! [Hair] Bob_B5 / F14 Credits - Skin: RenVR - June's Look PackAimi skin (Edited a bit) https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/authors/renvr.1141/ Credits - Image(Not include): ・Clothes - ivansx Amy Amei - Cat Headphone, Fish Bikini ・Clothes - TGC - Evil Nurse Suit by...
  11. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)ConstanceW 1.0

    ======================================================== ***** Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental. ***** https://www.patreon.com/posts/43207050 ======================================================== "ConstanceW" to ==>> VaM_Release1.19...
  12. Sharr

    Looks Futa Orc 2020-10-27

    Lastly, a Futa Orc lady, my trilogy of orcs is complete! Enjoy!
  13. Miki

    Looks Delilah 1

    This is Delilah, an Irish model with big green eyes, best known for her help styling the Seasonal hairstyles. Heavily advise switching between those 4 styles as each one gives her quite a new personality! Make sure you have the seasonal hairs for this model here...
  14. VamTimbo

    Paid Scenes New Look "Carmen" + Mocap 2020-10-26

    New Look "Carmen" + Mocap Preview Video
  15. VamTimbo

    Paid Scenes New Model "Abbigail" + MoCap 2020-10-26

    The link is to the non-heels version, but on my Patreon you'll find the girl (Abbigail) with 2 separate MoCaps of her dancing, climbing, posing.. etc. Preview Video
  16. vecterror

    Paid Looks An Angel in Prada 1.0

    Now she can finally join the simulation too and accordingly I had to pay a lot of attention to her appearance - I hope you like what you see and also hope for some comments of any kind. Have fun and a nice Sunday.
  17. shiqin9

    Paid Looks E-game girl 2020-10-25

    Preview: https://s3.jpg.cm/2020/10/25/NE3SS.png https://s3.jpg.cm/2020/10/25/NE27h.png https://s3.jpg.cm/2020/10/25/NE9Mf.png Depend: MacGruber.Life.7 By: MacGruber License: CC BY-SA Link: https://www.patreon.com/MacGruber_Laboratory...
  18. Oronan

    Looks [Look & Hair] Lola 2020-10-24

    Hello! She is Lola! This is the scene I used to shoot the banner contest(modified a little). [Hair] Semi Long_B4 / F13 Credits: ・Asset: Driver505 - colorcorrect ・Skin: RenVR - June's Look PackAimi skin (Edited a bit) https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/authors/renvr.1141/ Credits -...
  19. C

    Looks Tara 2

    Here's Tara. Enjoy. All you really need is the hair which is a combo of Lightning Hairstyle by VaMChan and Short Pixie by NoStage3 and I also use Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus on everything I do :) NOTE: This is an Appearance Preset and related custom morphs only. You have to use the...
  20. FLTec

    Paid Looks Crystal 1.0

    Crystal that appears in the Japanese game "Star Fox" Crystal
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