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  1. Metalloid

    Paid Scenes Alley 1

    A scene with blowjob and anal positions. -You can switch the male POV via toggle or f2. -You can turn off the ambient sound. -You can switch clothes on or off. -Sounds are triggered via Timeline and LogicBricks, there are no "auto sounds." -Expressions are animated by me. Credits...
  2. ZENmocap

    Paid Scenes FEMDOM Challenge Part 2 ~Tremendous Grinding and Riding~ 1.0

    Uncensore in this scene. This is the scene data for VR and Desktop that was taken by mo-capture while actually playing. Simultaneously recorded audio is included. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Mo-Cap actress try her hand at FEMDOM. In part...
  3. Metalloid

    Scenes Grinding 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    -There are 2 positions in this scene; grind and fuck. -Each animation has transition with the others. -You can reload poses with "Pose Reset" button. -Sounds are triggered via Timeline and LogicBricks, there are no "auto sounds." -Expressions are animated by me. You can check other gifs...
  4. Twerk vr

    Paid Scenes Lapdances and assjobs with cum on ass 2

    Hello My animations are really not perfect! But i think some of you can already enjoy it, this post is for you! Big thx to: AcidBubbles for Timeline.218 Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-timeline MacGruber for PostMagic.3 Link: https://www.patreon.com/MacGruber_Laboratory BooMoon for...
  5. flyroxy

    Paid Scenes Grinding 2

    Grinding Mocap Animation Credits and Big thanks to: Plugins: AcidBubbles - Glance, Embody, Timeline AdamAnt5 - Realtime_LipSync hazmhox - vammoan, fluids dub - AudioMate, PimpedPumpTrigger MacGruber - Life, LogicBricks ClockwiseSilver - SilverExpressionTool JayJayWon - ActionGrouper, VUML...
  6. Acid Bubbles

    Scenes Female pov lesbians face-grinding and peeing 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    What the title says :) It's a fairly linear animation in which you possess the girl underneath, and the one over you will lick you, and then move up and ride your face! It's not perfect but I think it works quite well :) Thanks specifically to @ddaamm who's an infinite source of great looking...
  7. PetaZwega

    Paid Scenes WIP | Soaking Wet 0.2

    11/02 Update: Added a UI, reworked choice system, added Scene Selection + new scenes for you to discover Disclaimer: This "project" isn't finished yet but already has enough content that I decided to publish this as a kind of beta build. 14 different sex scenes as of now I wanted to do a...
  8. Twerk vr

    Paid Scenes Lapdances and assjobs with cumshots 1

    New scene! Only for the ass lovers 🍑 https://www.patreon.com/twerk_vr Enjoy :) Big thanks to : Acid Bubbles for Timeline MaxRupert for the Saloon Mofme for the fluid Quanto for the bra
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