1. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Festival Wristbands v1

    As usual, just copy the VAR packages to your AddonPackages folder.
  2. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Simple Sweatpants v1

    Enjoy the simple little sweatpants I was able to put together. Only includes the pants seen in the picture! As usual, just copy the VAR file to your AddonPackages folder!
  3. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Red Plaid Shirts v1

    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of content, I've been way too busy these few days. Anyways, check out these plaid shirts I've made in my spare time. Hope you like them, please feel free to leave feedback on them anytime! Shirts are not simulated.
  4. lookinoff

    Looks Karina M 1.05

    Name: Karina M Age: 24 Height: 179 cm Weight: 51 kg Bust: C Hi, my name is Karina. I was born in Tuapse, Russia. I always wanted to become a model. I work as a lingerie model. I live in Bali. A little crazy, I get in trouble all the time. I love superhero movies. I go surfing in my spare time...
  5. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Galaxy Leggings v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy my first ever try on clothing creation with Marvelous Designer. Hoping to get better and better at this, pretty much loving it so far. Check out my Patreon: Download link:
  6. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Supermodel 1

    This is my Supermodel Look and Scene. She is sculptured as close as possible to reality, her head/face morphs are a mix of Foto2VAM deep learning and FaceGen Artist Pro as well as manual dialing in of morphs. Her body morphs are akin to her real life physique, petite but sexy. Her textures...
  7. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Fashion Show - Mocap Scene 1

  8. TGC

    Scenes Catwalk 1.20

    Huge thanks to SupaRioAmateur who helped me a ton doing this scene! Also huge thanks to GabiRX who provided me with the link for the catwalk stage environment! The files in the download link are for VaM 1.20+ WARNING: There are flashing lights in this scene. Video Preview...
  9. Miki

    Hairstyles Glamorous Hairstyles 1

    Another set of hairs ready for everyone to enjoy! This set includes 5 completely unique and fashionable styles, with some really defined modelling from Darla (and her 4 twins). Styles are usable on any gender and should work for most morphs. These one's are pretty straight forward, just a...
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