1. abubu_nownanka

    Assets Egypt Throne Room 1.0

    I created an ancient Egyptian asset and the mask of Anubis, sample scene. Please try it ! What's included: CustomUnityAsset(Throne room, Anubis mask), Cloth(Neckless), Scene(sample scene) *The girls are not included in the file.
  2. Eaglekun

    Looks Queen Nefertiti 1.0

    My attempt at recreating the famous Queen Nefertiti of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt whose name literally means "the beautiful one has come". Is this 100% Historically accurate? Nah the Egyptians liked to be head to toe shaved smooth from what I read, its my artistic take on her but I...

    Paid Looks Ancient Queen Cleo 2021-05-20

    The Queen has come! --- Crown 3D model: shimtimultimedia Background 3D models: LEX_GFX --- I can convert ready 3D models or create 3D model from scratch ;) Have idea? let me know ;)
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