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  1. Sharr

    Paid Looks The Doe Group 2021-04-15

    Here are anthro looks of different coloured doe. here includes the deer antler asset from my viking shaman look. The snow environment in the pictures are from Winter Wonderland by Dilldoe, found here:
  2. Sharr

    Looks Blue Spots 2021-04-11

    Good for making glowing screenshots! Enjoy!
  3. Sharr

    Looks Blue Spots - Furry 2021-04-11

    Inspired by online art, Enjoy!
  4. Sharr

    Paid Looks Terrain Wolf 2021-04-03

    Here is the Terrain Wolf with a base skin, decal and a 3-part hairstyle. She uses the same morphs as my Shepard look. Hope you like it.
  5. epi.noah

    Textures Epi.RenVR_RMX_Skins_and_Textures 1

    Textures and skin presets. What it is My custom remix of REN's skins. The modified textures are included in the package. There are 5 skin presets included. My custom looks using these skins are: Kelly, Lisa, Suki, Sofia, and Destiny. How to install Place the var file in your...
  6. Sharr

    Paid Looks Gems 2021-03-17

    Here is a look where I got side tracked and made more stuff. The furry female has a base diffuse texture and a decal texture set, and easily remove the tattoos. The other look is the same as my Ginger Woman look, its more for showing of the clothing I made. Lastly I made a mask inspired by some...
  7. cosmicftw_cybergirl2.jpg


  8. Sharr

    Looks Luminescent Lizards 2021-03-03

    Thumps up to you visitor! Created a look with scales textures with 4 different colours and made some horns with ornaments. lastly there is an hairstyle to go with it. Good idea to get the plugin from @Blazedust to create a preset for the horns so it always fits together with the hair...
  9. Sharr

    Paid Looks Desert Fox 2021-03-01

    A desert skin texture made with some online inspiration.
  10. Sharr

    Paid Looks Shepard Male 2021-02-20

    A male version of my previous released Shepard look created a new male hairstyle for it. Enjoy!
  11. Sharr

    Paid Looks Night Elf Druid 2021-02-01

    Here is an Night Elf look with her anthro feral counterpart. Ideal living conditions are in a big tree and under the moonlight. Enjoy!
  12. Sharr

    Looks Cow Girl 2021-01-31

    A look with cow skin patterns of a pink gradient. The look includes asset cow ears and horns to match the skin colour. Hope you like it and enjoy! Credit: Hairstyle by Miki:
  13. Sharr

    Paid Looks Anthro Horse 2021-01-15

    Here is my anthro horse look with custom textures and hairstyles. I tried to create a variety of you textures you can combine together. The textures on the looks are transparent so you can change the colour in game as long as they are on the decal texture sets. However, if you want to have both...
  14. ICannotDie

    Textures Futa/Female Skin Presets 2

    Matching skin presets for both Futa & Female versions of Kayla, Lexi, Simone, Maria & Mia textures. Futa versions use custom genital diffuse and normal decals. Apply using Skin Preset tab on model menu. Images below show the presets on my Riley & Robyn models which can be found here...
  15. trety

    Textures RenVR - Aimi Skin 2020-11-30

    Upload by Ren's permission. I just packed his textures into var and merged decals into main textures, since they were only usable on this skin set. All credits to RenVR.
  16. Sharr

    Looks Purple Dragon 2020-11-10

    Just scrolling around the internet and found some cool art, so I tried to recreate it here! As for the morphs for the look, it is the same from my Drake look: Can preview the look with pictures below. So enjoy! Example screenshot with...
  17. Sharr

    Looks Leopard Lea 2

    This is my leopard skin and I have made 4 different variation for the look and includes a new hairstyle I made. It has a normal maps together with it to mimic the look of fur to an extend and is identical for all 4. You can look at the pictures below for reference. Enjoy! New Version: If...
  18. FireByrd

    Paid Textures Futa Tan Lines Pack 1

    After dipping my toe in with the string bikini, I wanted to make some more options! Now with a micro-bikini, one-piece and one-piece with torso cutouts. Let me know if there are any specific kinds of tan lines you'd like to see :)
  19. Sharr

    Looks Zabrak 2

    Her drive is anger and can take the high ground over you in her chambers. Otherwise, nothing but the dark side of the force around here :3 Credit: Horns from Blazedust UnityAssetVamifier plugin used for the horns by NoStage3: Hair...
  20. Sharr

    Textures Decal Pack 1 2020-07-23

    A pack of decal textures for your look, and with the normal maps it should look like normal clothes :) Ideal to use the Decal Maker Plugin by Chokaphi to add to your current look! Enjoy and Viva la fake clothes!
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