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  1. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Marvelous Movie Star 1

    "Marvelous Movie Star" is a custom facegen/photoshop look/texture sporting a custom short hair style, a custom unity asset pearl necklace, and a new Ball Gown with plenty of cleavage to show of her awesome tits. I have designed the Ball Gown to compliment her moviestar look and it includes 16...
  2. CosmicFTW

    Assets "Palm Island" Environment 2020-09-28

    The "Palm Island" is a Small Tropical Island in the middle of a calm ocean, with ambient sounds of the lapping waves and a crackling fire. I have used a VR water shader and hi res textures/bump maps to make this environment as real as possible. The unique skybox's give a different feel to each...
  3. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Stefania 1

    Stefania the curvy goddess, see the photoshoot in 8k.
  4. CosmicFTW

    Paid Assets Barbell Nipple Piercings 2

    I present a set of 48 high quality Barbell Piercings custom made in Unity. Each has its own custom look/texture to suit any scene/occasion. Watch the short video below to see a preview of them all. Usage - Parent link the asset to the person/nipple atom and scale/adjust as needed. Advanced -...
  5. CosmicFTW

    Looks Jacinta Twins 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    I have updated Jacinta Female and Futa and packaged them in the one VAR as "Twins" for ease of use. For lots more Female and Futa content including looks and custom clothing, see my other resources here or Patreon. Enjoy!
  6. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Socks - Knee High 1

    Knee High Socks with 11 presets for both Female and Futa. Enjoy!
  7. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Zoe 1

    Zoe is the typical sexy girl next door, with classic features and body shape. Full custom face using Facegen Artist Pro with tweaks.
  8. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Latex Bodysuit - Futa Edition 1

    The Latex Bodysuit Futa Edition - Full Open Version only obviously. 30 Presets are included with options for Freecolor as always to create your own. As always both my Female and Futa Versions have the same quality and options. This release is Latex inspired but I have included Leather, Lace...
  9. CosmicFTW

    Looks Clair Futa V2 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Revamped Clair Futa, using the Futa Kayla Textures. Enjoy!
  10. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Latex BodySuit (3 styles) 1

    Latex Suit in 3 versions: Full Open Zipper, Half Open and Full Closed. - 30 Presets are included with options for Freecolor as always to create your own. - This release is mainly Latex inspired but I have included Leather, Lace and Velvet options also. - I have packaged as 3 separate VAR's due...
  11. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Lena Futa 1

    Lena in Futa form is my best Dickgirl yet, I converted my custom Lena Textures to G2 Male and used a custom Genital Texture that I perfectly matched to the Torso. This release has all the same textures as the Female version, right down to the custom skin, teeth, mouth, tongue, iris and hair.
  12. CosmicFTW

    Clothing Yoga Outfit 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    Yoga/Gym Outfit with 14 presets, create your own color combinations by changing the color of the 3 material tabs, Trim, Suit and Piping. Goes great with my free Yoga Pose Pack. Original Patreon Post
  13. CosmicFTW

    Looks Clair 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    Clair is a fit young girl with perky breasts. Original Patreon Post
  14. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Lena 1

    "Lena" is a full custom model from the ground up. Enjoy! Photoshoot
  15. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Laura 1

    Laura is a young fit surfer girl who loves the beach lifestyle.
  16. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing BDSM Clothes Set 1

    BDSM Clothes set - 5 separate pieces, collar, top, corset, panties and stockings. - 7 matching material textures for each garment - 10 presets for each garment already set with "freecolor" to make your own. - 8 "Set" clothing presets already made, or mix and match textures. The...
  17. CosmicFTW

    Clothing Neptune Loin Dress 1

    The Neptune Dress is a high cut high neck loin dress in Leather (3 textures), Velvet, Lace and Fabric. I have made 19 presets in various textures/color combos. Enjoy!
  18. CosmicFTW

    Clothing Venus Full Catsuit 1

    The Venus Cat suit is a full catsuit with Lace, Velvet and Leather options. 23 Presets already set but as usual try your own as that's half the fun! Video of Nata Modeling the Venus Catsuit
  19. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Jenna - Heart Breaker 1

    "Heart Breaker" is a blast from my past and probably for some of you guys as well! In the 90s she was the biggest thing in porn and I hope i've done her justice with this look. PhotoShoot
  20. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Lisa - Weird Science 1

    "Lisa" - from the (1985) film "Weird Science". The very first and Ultimate Virtual Girl. Including a custom clothes set as worn at the start of the movie (Long Sleeve Crop Top + matching Panties). Video PhotoShoot
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