1. Yaneks

    Clothing Thigh Choker 2022-11-26

    Support me on Patreon I got a small commission recently to make a customizable choker What's inside the package: - Thigh Choker for Left Leg - Thigh Choker for Right Leg It has 3 material tabs, 2 for each side and 1 for metal, by default pink and black but you can change it by going to...
  2. Yaneks

    Paid Clothing Gothic Outfit 2022-08-11

    What's inside the package: - Body [opened crotch preset] - Top - Stockings - Boots - Sleeves - Gloves - Skirt - Choker - Right Leg Choker - Left Leg Chocker To change preset go to clothing>customize>preset>select existing one. If nipples pop out it's mostly here "Female...
  3. Noc_This

    Paid Clothing Bikini and accessories (Marie Kitagawa) 1

    Bikini top, bikini bottom, choker, piercings and bracelets Bikini top There are two versions SIM. I recommend Using pircing with SIM enabled for photos, and with it disabled for videos (I couldn't test much in motion because I don't make videos, and I only play in desktop mode) maybe I can...
  4. Yaneks

    Paid Looks Booette 2022-07-30

    What's inside the package: - Look - Haitstyle - Clothing [Top part of dress has exposed version] - Makeup texture Credits(not include): Pose by klphgz
  5. Yaneks

    Looks Esther From Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 2022-09-22

    Support me on Patreon Commission. What's inside the package: - Look - Haitstyle - Clothing - Makeup texture Credits(not include): Pose by klphgz
  6. VRDollz

    Clothing Jakuubz Fetish Choker Collar with over 65 Presets 1

    1 Clothing item Leather Choker Collar 65 Fetish Collars -13 Titles with 5 Customized Presets each 7 Plain Customized Presets ⛓13 FETISH TITLES⛓ Mommy Dom Top Bitch cum slut sex doll Daddys girl good girl Bad girl baby girl slave girl gamer girl pet kitten spank me fuck me 💋 5 CUSTOM COLOUR...
  7. Yaneks

    Paid Clothing Gothic Lace Lingerie 2022-06-22

    What's inside the package: - Body[with opened crotch preset] - Stockings - Choker - Wristbands - Headband If nipples pop out it's mostly here "Female Morph>Category>Morph/Chest/Nipples > Nipples 1.000→0" if not you better check "only active" in the morph tab to find faster where your custom...
  8. Yaneks

    Clothing Lingerie With a Cutout 2022-06-18

    Support me on Patreon What's inside the package: - Bra - Panties - Garter Belt - Choker To change color go to clothing > customize > combined > diffuse color panel If nipples pops out go to "person > clothing > customize > physics > distance scale" slider Credits(not include): Pose by klphgz...
  9. E

    Paid Looks Harley 2022-05-13

    This Harley is always ready for a ride.
  10. E

    Paid Looks Cheerleader Lauren 2022-05-08

    Lauren is a cheerleader who knows just how hot she is, and how to use it to get what she wants.
  11. Yaneks

    Clothing Maid bikini 2022-03-16

    Support me on Patreon What's inside the package: - Top - Panties - Choker Credits(not include): Pose Hairstyle
  12. Yaneks

    Clothing Marin kitagawa bikini cosplay 2022-02-04

    Support me on Patreon Bikini outfit from My Dress-Up Darling What's inside the box: - Top - Bottom - Accessories README: If nipples pop out you go to "Female Morph>Category>Morph/Chest/Nipples > Nipples 1.000→0" If you have any issues with between tits go to "person > clothing > customize...
  13. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Lace Lingerie Pack - Black + White and straps preset variation 2021-08-10

    Hey hey! There is some cute and horny clothes pack! How can it be so cute and horny at the same time? The answer is CONTEXT! Let the cute waifu wear a white set, and she will strike you down with her adorableness. Drees the bad one in black, and you will expand her sexuality beyond the borders...
  14. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Lace Set - 3 Items (Black and White presets) 2020-11-10

    A little respite from dark leather sets! I wanted to make something light, summer-ish, light as a feather - and did it! There are three items: choker, bra and skirt. Every item has black and white color set. Skirt has three types of lenght as you can see on preview. If you like those type of...
  15. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Lacier Lace Set - 5 Items 2020-11-03

    Wow that was extremely hard! I think this is my first underwear set that I've made from scratch with so love and passion to details! I know I need to frow further so more quality clothes and sets are coming! My reference for that set was lace complect from picture by salmo88 on Genshim Impact...
  16. TGC

    Clothing Corset & Collar by Richabri 1

    Corset & Collar set made by Rick Bridenbaker and released for free on renderosity ( License: You can reference it in your projects (even commercial ones) Corset Sim Preview:
  17. TGC

    Clothing Lacewear by Richabri 1

    Lacewear Set made by Rick Bridenbaker and released for free on renderosity ( License: You can reference it in your projects (even commercial ones) Top Sim Preview: Cover Sim Preview...
  18. V

    Clothing Choker V2

    This has 7 texture pre-sets, two of them are DIY white and there is an alpha lace textures included also, there is also a texture to match my sexy dress V2 Default Texture. This version has a completely redone mesh and texture set The Model Is Alice From The Godlike Vren...
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