1. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Strapless Bra and Pantie Set 1

    A Simple Strapless Bra and Pantie set with 29 texture presets and free color options. The strapless bra is simmed to work well on all breast sizes and looks great with a little bit of underboob showing. Plenty of color, fabric and texture options to choose from as usual with some nice floral...
  2. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Super Girl Pack - 6 Items 2021-04-30

    And now here it is! Super Girl Pack with 6 items: Top, Bra, Cape, Skirt, Panties, and Boots. All items fit any body type, just change "Distance Scale" or "Collision Power" settings. Feel free to save your day with superpowers!
  3. Glance Scene Preview: Shy preset

    Glance Scene Preview: Shy preset

    The preview scene of the Glance plugin using the Shy preset
  4. ModsCreator

    Paid Clothing Bikini_Mods01 2021-02-11

  5. YameteOuji

    Clothing L03 Bra 1.0

    Early Access Content Ended On 2021 Mar. 4 - This asset is now Free! Flower bra with up and down versions. Color presets for all. Looks best with boing boing. Adjust cleavage morph for best fit. Other assets seen in image not included: Roäc - Hair - Windy hair -...
  6. C

    Paid Clothing 15 set~~~bra 2021-02-03

    5 presets~support sim~~~ Thank you for your waiting and support
  7. OrangePickle

    Paid Clothing Simple Underwear 2

    Here's some rather basic underwear. The bra does a pretty bad job at being a bra, but at least it's comfy. There's also some panties that match the style and aren't too revealing. That is unless you pick the lewd variant. Includes a couple of different fabric options as well as an undeployed bra...
  8. Spaghet12

    Paid Clothing 3 Piece Lingerie Set 1

    This includes 3 custom clothing items (Bra, Garter, Thong) as well as a clothing preset with standard stockings and heels (re-colored/textured). I'll work on some updates soon, maybe add new colorways and tweak some fitting. Enjoy!
  9. H

    Clothing Simple Bra 3

    You can choose several colors fit to the Side String Pantie No.2 by selecting presets. For combination of the Long Sleeve Blouse that can be translucent, the values of Rendering Queue are set to 2300 by default. Please change the values for ordinal use other than combination of Long Sleeve...
  10. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing Lingerie Set B - Bra and Pantie V1

    Lingerie Set B - Bra and Pantie Laceys and deep look. The pantie has sim. U can activate if u wanna. Also u can change in different colors. I hope it is in your taste. Look is Bacca
  11. Mr.CadillacV8

    Clothing Free Sport Bra A V1

    Free Sport Bra A Ready for workout? Look by Vecterror Supermodel from England
  12. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing Corset A in 5 colors V1

    Corset A in 5 colors MeshUP Day. My new creation is out. Look by Vecterror
  13. Mr.CadillacV8

    Clothing Set A Bra and Pantie V2

    Free Set A - Bra and Pantie New MeshUP for VAM. Pantie and bra in 4 different textures. Have a good day. Creator Look by vecterror - Model Cara
  14. Mr.CadillacV8

    Clothing Free Red Bra and Pantie set V2

    Free Red Bra and Pantie set My first upload. I hope u like it. Please tell me if u have problems with them. Preview Look by Juno. Sara & Aimee
  15. YameteOuji

    Clothing Lingerie Set L02 1.0

    Early Access Content Ended - This is now Free! Lingerie Set L02. Set includes Top, Top Open, Bra, Panty, Thigh Highs. Presets for all. Other assets seen in image (not included): Hair - VaMChan - Look (free) -...
  16. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Black Lingerie Set (Panties, Bra, Corset) 2020-11-17

    Oh boy, oh boy! That was tense items, I should say! Three items with one post? Why not. But, honestly, I crapped this corset and with pain in my soul uploading it now. I will try other corset types later, so this is even not my final form, huh! Take it, use it, love it, hate it <3
  17. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Lace Set - 3 Items (Black and White presets) 2020-11-10

    A little respite from dark leather sets! I wanted to make something light, summer-ish, light as a feather - and did it! There are three items: choker, bra and skirt. Every item has black and white color set. Skirt has three types of lenght as you can see on preview. If you like those type of...
  18. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Knotted Bikini Set 2020-11-09

    Why do we need to wait for summer if we can bring it here - in VAM! New Knotted Bikini Set is here! There are 7 presets with several styles.
  19. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Stripped Knotted Bikini Set + 7 Color Presets 2020-11-03

    In these cold days we need some summer moments. So I am here and this cute and slightly classic Knotted Bikini Set is also here with 7 different preset colors! Use it and remember - summer will come, and it will much better than the last one ;)
  20. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Lacier Lace Set - 5 Items 2020-11-03

    Wow that was extremely hard! I think this is my first underwear set that I've made from scratch with so love and passion to details! I know I need to frow further so more quality clothes and sets are coming! My reference for that set was lace complect from picture by salmo88 on Genshim Impact...
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