1. VirtaArtieMitchel

    Clothing To Be Cosplay Set 2022-08-09

    To be a sexy robot or not to be a sexy robot. That is the question. A cosplay set based loosely on a sexy robot from the neir future. Includes 4 clothing items. Does not include the look or hair.
  2. VirtaArtieMitchel

    Clothing Crotchless Bodysuits 2022-07-27

    There are 2 crotch-less body suits with multiple presets. All of the presets are tintable.
  3. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing Leotard D / Swimsuite 1

    Leotard D / Swimsuite This bodysuite has 2 versions and 6 color presets. Look by me Mr_CadillacV8.Dylon_D_Look.1 Do you have a special request? I accept commissioned work. No matter which outfit you need right now. Feel free to contact me
  4. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Batgirl (full suit) v1

    Hi All! As mentioned in my previous postings, I've been experimenting a lot with texturing to make all these clothing items seem more realistic. It is not perfect, but I am very proud of how this full Batgirl suit turned out, spent way more time on it than I initially thought I would :D Hope...
  5. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Scarlet Witch (Wandavision) Full Suit v1

    Hi All! After a long break from content creating, I am happy to be back again with this particular suit. Thank you all for your patience, I will be posting a lot more actively from now on. In the meantime, enjoy! ------------------------------------ As usual, all parts of the suit are separate...
  6. YUM_VAM

    Clothing Taimanin_BodySuit 1.0

    Hello! I made the Taimanin Body Suit like the pictures. Enjoy! Including 3 alpha of base color.
  7. jyy

    Clothing PigOutfit 1

    Pink Pig -Bodysuit -Stockings -Ears 3 Items inculude
  8. jyy

    Clothing Chilsung Swimsuit 1

    Swimsuit like soda Include Ripped version Preset
  9. OBO

    Clothing Animal Skin No 1 Cow 1

    This is a new series, animal skin series clothes, first take the first cow as an example, hope to see more comments on this clothes, see whether to continue with this series.
  10. OBO

    Paid Clothing Monster Skin 3 1

    This is the third monster clothes I made, with blue and black as the main tone, I hope you like it.
  11. OBO

    Paid Scenes Monster Skin No2 2

    This is a scene resource, which contains a zombie monster costume I created, a look preset, a scene. All use 4K material, very realistic and interesting. With scene music and monster sound effects, there is absolutely a sense of being in a horror scene. I hope you like it. special thx to ...
  12. OBO

    Paid Clothing Monster Skin No1 1

    I made the skin of a monster, including all parts of the body, using 4K material, very realistic in all aspects. If it's a forked tongue morphing you can think of any monster morphing you can think of or any other costume or hair, you can try it out.
  13. OBO

    Paid Clothing Lace Underwear 1

    This is a super lacy full-body garment, made up of 10 body parts, you can adjust and decide to display colors and parts according to your preferences, can be hundreds of different combinations. Of course, I only reserved a few typical presets in advance, which you can customize by adjusting the...
  14. OBO

    Paid Clothing Steel cage Stockings 1

    A stocking made of steel,6 styles. Include full length,pants,stockings,socks etc. Special thanks to Author @EROS for the look Qin.
  15. rockseeker

    Clothing Mera suit 1

    * Hair styles and looks are not included. I always thank others for sharing good resources. It's not excellent, but it's my first attempt and I worked hard to make it. Please enjoy.
  16. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Meloli Bodysuit 2021-10-02

    Hi to all of you at the beginning of the month! I hope you all doing great! What else is great? This new Meloli Bodysuit with one very interesting feature! You can change in presets will the crotch be open or closed. The open one is fully simmed and works just as it should. I also made several...
  17. DaveVR

    Paid Scenes Superheroine Bodysuit Clean/Torn (*Paid Clothing) v1

    Hi guys! Enjoy these two variations of the superheroine styled bodysuit. One is clean and zipped up, while the other one is unzipped with dirt textures and several tears, cuts. Feel free to leave any feedback on the work! ^^ All support is very much appreciated!
  18. bamair1984

    Clothing Hip-hop theme T-shirt, minimalist style tights and headwear 1.0

    By VL_13 By AnythingFashionVR By VaMChan
  19. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Totally Spies Suits (all three) v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy all three Totally Spies suits coming to your VAM models. The package only contains the three variations of suits, hairstyle and model not included! I worked really hard on this, and I am quite proud of the final results. I could not figure out how to make the heels of the high...
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