1. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Meloli Bodysuit 2021-10-02

    Hi to all of you at the beginning of the month! I hope you all doing great! What else is great? This new Meloli Bodysuit with one very interesting feature! You can change in presets will the crotch be open or closed. The open one is fully simmed and works just as it should. I also made several...
  2. DaveVR

    Paid Scenes Superheroine Bodysuit Clean/Torn (*Paid Clothing) v1

    Hi guys! Enjoy these two variations of the superheroine styled bodysuit. One is clean and zipped up, while the other one is unzipped with dirt textures and several tears, cuts. Feel free to leave any feedback on the work! ^^ All support is very much appreciated!
  3. bamair1984

    Clothing Hip-hop theme T-shirt, minimalist style tights and headwear 1.0

    By VL_13 By AnythingFashionVR By VaMChan
  4. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Totally Spies Suits (all three) v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy all three Totally Spies suits coming to your VAM models. The package only contains the three variations of suits, hairstyle and model not included! I worked really hard on this, and I am quite proud of the final results. I could not figure out how to make the heels of the high...
  5. DaveVR

    Clothing Fantastic Four - Sue Storm Outfit v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy the ported Sue Storm outfit for VAM available to the public! As usual, just copy the VAR files to your AddonPackages folder to use in VAM. Note that the high heels are not fixed, when posing your model, you will need to set up the toes manually.
  6. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Ballet Bodysuit with Stockings 2020-12-28

    In front of the end of the year I'm gonna post here this cute and very good looking Ballet Bodysuit. It comes with 2 colors and additional hole on crotch. This item was tough to make, but I'm glad I did it finaly! Have fun, and don't forget to prepare yourself fresh and clean to the new 2021...
  7. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Blue Unitard 2020-12-25

    I'm back perverts! Today I'm gonna make the gift to all of those who was waiting for so long! Blue Unitard with some interesting holes in it! I'm feeling well, thank you all for your support! I was thinking about how good it will be to continue making new clothes again! I have too much ideas...
  8. Cloudcover

    Clothing Cloudcover's Catsuits 1.0

    Three catsuit styles with PVC and Leather texture presets. 01 = No zip 02 = Partially unzipped 03 = Fully unzipped Some preview images use the Cloudcover Bust Morph 01, available as a separate package. Check out my Patreon for Blender and obj files of all my clothes. Preview images use the...
  9. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Open Swimsuit 2020-11-30

    New fancy swimsuit is here! Now it's some places ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. ModsCreator

    Paid Clothing Among Us_ Clothing 2020-11-22

  11. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing DiVA Leather Suit with 5 items 2020-11-17

    Ok. This IS the longest work on my experience for now! So the goal was create alternative version of DVA costume from Gifdoozer's animations but for VAM. And here it comes! This is not the absolute copy of the original costume, this is just a set of clothes based on other costume. There are 5...
  12. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Bunnysuit (Corset, Bottom, Ears) 2020-11-09

    Wow, that commission was extremely interesting to make! I hope you all will love it! So, here is three items to use them in this set or another items from you library. By the way, to bottom part is perfectly look with gloves and nipple brushes too ;)
  13. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Latex BodySuit (3 styles) 1

    Latex Suit in 3 versions: Full Open Zipper, Half Open and Full Closed. - 30 Presets are included with options for Freecolor as always to create your own. - This release is mainly Latex inspired but I have included Leather, Lace and Velvet options also. - I have packaged as 3 separate VAR's due...
  14. TGC

    Clothing Corset & Collar by Richabri 1

    Corset & Collar set made by Rick Bridenbaker and released for free on renderosity ( License: You can reference it in your projects (even commercial ones) Corset Sim Preview:
  15. ModsCreator

    Clothing Bodysuit_Mod02 2020-07-16

  16. CosmicFTW

    Clothing High Cut Long Sleeve Bodysuit + Stockings 1

    This sexy high cut long sleeve version of my FREE Cosmic Bodysuit, matches perfectly with the separate leather stockings, which can be used with other garments. 8 Fabric presets are included plus two Free color textures to create your own. Models used are Emily, Izzy and Ornetta. Photoshoot...
  17. CuteSvetlana

    Clothing SquarePeg3d TankBuster Tracksuit 1

    A new set from SquarePeg3d ported to VaM. The package contains: An ultraconforming tracksuit A short vest A pair of force bracelets The main tracksuit is open toes. The high number of vertices prevents nipple clip-through without requiring simming. I love it! I have included two simming styles...
  18. ModsCreator

    Paid Clothing Bodysuit_Mod04 2020-06-03

  19. CosmicFTW

    Clothing Cosmic BodySuit 1

    The "Cosmic Bodysuit" is one of my favorite styles of Lingerie. It's a high cut, high neck bodysuit and looks amazing on any model in desktop and VR. Each of the material types on the garment are true to their name in the way they look with regards Specular intensity, Texture and fit. Included...
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