1. 2nd To All

    Assets Bullet-firing SMG 2021-10-11

    An SMG with animated periodic bullet fire. The bullets do not collide with other objects. The weapon might need scaling down slightly depending on the carrier. This picture did make me wonder what "GTA: VaM" would be like:
  2. VariousScientists

    Looks Army Girl 1

    First post in a while! I plan on getting back into things. Custom hair, top, and bottoms.
  3. Tanklover

    Looks Dahlia from Sudden Attack 2 1.0

    Hello again everyone It's time for another release. This time its Dahlia from Sudden Attack 2. She comes with 10 clothing items and 3 assets. The textures are a bit low res, But i think they turned out alright. Anyway ill cya in the next one. Stay safe. Tanklover
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