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Meet Yavenna.
She was a professional dancer, but like so many trying for that profession, finds herself doing things not at all like dancing. So, now Yav is your favorite barista at Starebacks!

She's the one who seems just a bit friendlier to you than the others, but it's her job to be friendly, so you aren't going to read anything into it. Not the all hearts on your coffee cups, or when she slides you her number on a napkin, or how she casually mentions how flexible she is.
Nope, you're not going to abuse this employee/customer power dynamic.

Except today, because she has no pants on.

Load SCENE, not preset, for this one.
Desktop Screenshot 2022.06.13 - (2).png

The real content here is the morph. She's my first full-body Blender sculpt, with just a few "tweak morphs" to finish. I tried to give her somewhat of a realistic figure, with some features (upturned boobs, different stomach muscles, shapely legs) that are hard to do with morph sliders.
She also has a new genital morph that might be useful in other looks. It's named "Recessed Clit," for some reason.

Credit to Roac for their A++ hairdo, as always. I also used some initial poses by klphgz for these screenshots. Eyeliner by Kemenate. Skin by me, Syrinxo (Red Elf variant from my Ceilowyn pack).

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Desktop Screenshot 2022.06.21 - (2).png
Desktop Screenshot 2022.06.21 - (2).png
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Very interesting face, great work!
Love some hot coffee)
Wow thanks for the effort and the share. Love the unique Look. Thanks for the Work
I love the uniqueness in the face. Thanks for the share.
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