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X-Ray Glasses

Scenes X-Ray Glasses 1

Here's a little fun thing to do:
Add a ISCylinder to a scene, make it flat by setting "scale Z" to the lowest setting, and set the Alpha of Material 1 to something like - 0.950.
Now look through the transparent ISCylinder and observe that the person atoms clother are gone, but so is the hair.
To fix it, go to the ISCylinder's Material 1 Shader settings, and set the "Render Queue" to 2424. Hair should be back, but so are the clothes.
To get rid of the clothes, go to the material tab(s) Shader settings of each active clothing item, and set the "Render Queue" of each of them to 2424.
You might also want to mess with the shadow settings of your lightsources, to get rid of strange shadows on the person, cast by the invisible clothes.
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