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This is so good - thanks for making this, and please make more! A masturbation scene with this kind of camera and mirror setup and animation/lighting quality would be so great.

There’s not nearly enough female pov content for vam. If you made a Patreon I’d be happy to subscribe.
incredible female pov. every time I thought "alright that's the end", there was a new pose. Would love to see more
thanks, i'm on it, it's quite long :)
This scene is incredible, would love to see more stuff like this!
This scene is fantastic. The transitions between positions is seamless and keeps you in the moment, the animation and sounds mesh perfectly and it is an all-around great experience. Will definitely watch for your new stuff.
Fantastic animation, whether you use either PoV or not
Nicely done! One can use embody/passanger on both and it works. The male stays in the shadows a lot :P
Very cool! Great animations and transitions! The shadows are a bit too hard (may be I can fix it in my settings? idk) Would love to be able to go back to previous pose. Cum texture is very well done! Keep up good work!
hi thanks, I'll try to do that for some poses (probably not all because some transitions was really hard to do !)
Totally Amazing! The Experiment function runs via VR is showing another level of emersion! Already expecting next work. Superb ! Must scene if u have VR.
many pose . good .
Very immersive! Experimental mode works great as long as you don't move your head quickly. Male PoV doesn't work very well, since the woman blocks the buttons, but that's not worth removing a star. Really good work.
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