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She's escaping...
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -

This interpretation of WilyKit is based on her grown character from the comic "ThunderCats: The Return"
that takes place years after the original cartoon series.
(Read it here: https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/ThunderCats-The-Return)

Original, custom-made hair, skin textures, and hand-sculpted morph for this character.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -

Includes a "Claws" morph that I made separately so you can use it in your own looks:
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.05 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.05 -

This VAR contains a simple static scene. To use the character in other scenes, select the person atom and save an Appearance Preset.

For best results, under User Preferences -> Performance, set Smooth Passes to 1.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -

VamTastic for the prison cell environment; NoStage, Prestigitis, MacGruber and WgSoup for plugins, with special mention to PluginIdea for the volumetric lighting plugin that has become a recent atmospheric requirement in my scenes!
Clothing pieces are by Hunting-Succubs, CuteSvetlana, and Maru01; "finishing morphs" are by AWWalker, kemenate, AshAuryn, and TensStrip.

The loincloth in the screenshots is not Hub-hosted, so it's not included, but can be downloaded here: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/aeon-souls-fantasy-universe.1844/

Most of all, thanks to the lovely commissioner who selected/supported this project and approved its release to the community! (I mean, I only accept commissions that I can release for you guys, but still!) =)

This is a free release. Please do not use my skins, morphs, or characters in paid/commercial content without prior permission. Note that I used PostMagic (DOF) and ReShade (just HDR and bloom) for the screenshots, so they're all spiffy-like, I added a LUT to the scene in the VAR but the colors and lighting still won't be quite the same.
  • Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.05 -
    Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.05 -
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  • Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -
    Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.03 -
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  • Desktop Screenshot 2023.06.29 -
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  • Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.04 -
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133.35 MB
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Latest updates

  1. Removed inaccessible clothing to make a Hub-Hosted VAR

    See title - loincloth has been removed. You can download it manually at...

Latest reviews

Again, great looking model!
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Great creativity with bringing in some of the Thundercats, turned out good too. thanks !
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Excellent work!
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She is built for speed, I would not want to run into her in the grass lands. She would have no trouble running me down and making a meal out of me. I guess there could be worst ways to go. LOL Very beautiful, nicely done.
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Love WilyKit! you did a great job on her, the awesome hair alone is worth the 5 stars. Although isnt she supposed to have fur? would be cool if you gave her a fur skin like your werewolf, either way awesome look!
Thanks!! I did consider fur. The original seemed to have no actual fur indicated, and likewise the comic sequel that I based the character off of - not furry. The anime-style 2011 reboot does make them look furry, but that's not really the canon we were going with. I'll be doing more furred texture sets soon, but they're really kind of a big job on top of the regular human skin textures, take a lot of extra time.
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Incredible! Like she walked right off the comic page!
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Wow... VERY cool!!! Very well-done converting cartoon aspects to a more realistic model! Any chance of a Cheetara?
Thanks, and Yes! =)
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personally i'm not into that kind of stuff but i admire your creativity and unique approach to each creation, very well done!
Thanks for the review! Much appreciated 😁
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